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Traveller Tales from Alibag


Udit Pothuvaal

24 September 2015

The main aim of Gandhar Eco Lodge is to allow people to relish the rural culture amid a highly comfortable setting. We got to stroll around the silent lanes, and observe the the blend of natural soluti...


Rajinder Kapoor

18 November 2015

This place is situated on Mandwa-Sasawane Road. The place we stayed was called the Countryside Resort. It was a perfect getaway to stay in the arms of nature. It was a great and an interesting weekend....


Dhananjay Banerjee

12 September 2015

The Revdanda Beach camping was a brilliant experience that I encountered in my life. The camping experience was exquisite and brilliant to say the least. It was really a soul thirst quenching swim that...


Malati Sethi

27 October 2015

The beach camping was a nice and classy experience. My friends went to this camp few months back, and were raving about it time and again. I was super excited about this, and I also asked my husband ab...


Saraswati Achari

22 January 2016

Amazing experience! Had a full-fledged family outing - great place to chill with your family and friends. The place is just beautiful and all the services provided were up to the mark. Lovely experienc


Dwaipayan Bhattacharya

06 January 2016

This was like a family pack of entertainmenet and fun. I had such an amazing time while embarking on the provided water sports and the entire place had a rustic appeal which made it all the more fun ex...


Vasudha Bhattacharya

14 December 2015

All my friends and me wanted to escape somewhere for a peaceful escape and Alibaug was the first place that came to our mind. Great place, the availability of water sports made it all the more exciting...


Goutam Mehra

10 October 2015

Such a beautiful place. Trust me guys this is much better than Goa, what I liked best was that the entire place including the beach was secluded which gave us ample time to realx and take long walkes o...


Arnesh Gandhi

06 October 2015

Th entire place is made so beautifully...everything is made from bamboo...had an amazing experience. It was a perfect romantic escape I was looking for with my special someone.

What You Should Know More About Alibag

  • Q. About the destination

    Call it an island or a city, a holiday destination or just a leisure location, Alibaug situated on the outskirts of Maharashtra holds much popularity among visitors all around the world. This perfect holiday destination has everything one can be looking for in order to fulfill their desires of a weekend getaway.

    The place is situated quite close to Mumbai and one can simply catch a ferry from the Gateway of India to reach there. If you are the kind who doesn’t prefer the sea, well you can catch a train or even ride your way to Alibaug – Yes! It is that close.

    One of the primary attractions of Alibaug are its beaches, its seafood and last but not the least, its lovely people. The place is located approximately 120km south of Mumbai and the average elevation of the place is 0 meters. Tourism is what comprises or rather, contributes majority parts of the economy. Since as further back as 1990, Alibaug has witnessed great development in terms of its resorts, hotels and restaurants as well as industrial sites.

  • Q. Travel advice:

    • Choose your stay well: There are numerous home-stays that you can choose from. They are lined along the 45km road between Alibaug and Murud. The rooms of these places are as good as regular homes with the services being quite basic by nature. For a more luxurious experience, you can opt for these high-end resorts and hotels that face the sea. Most of these places are quite affordable and you won’t find difficulty in traveling around either as the place is quite small and limited.

    • Transportation: The place is quite connected. One can easily find local transport to roam about within the city. However, it is more convenient if you have your own private transportation. Enjoy the beach city of Alibaug at your own convenience.

    • Eatables and water: Alibaug is generally quite hot and humid. Thus, it is essential for the well-being of your body that you consume enough water to stay hydrated. Moreover, your body may or may not accept that local food at Alibaug. Make sure you are sure about a food item before you consume it. Carry bottled water around.

    • Drinking laws: Alibaug is filled with restaurants and bars that offer both soft drinks as well as liquor. Booze is available quite freely. However, take special attention into the duplicate liquor that people sell. It is better to purchase alcohol from a well-known city like Mumbai first and then carrying it to Alibaug. Apart from that, frequent drinkers most probably visit Alibaug – there is no problem.

  • Q. What will you like in Alibaug:

    • A stroll in the Alibaug beach: The Alibaug beach is the main beach. This flat stretch makes it perfect for a morning or evening stroll or a nice long jog during the weekend. The beach is made up of hard textured sand and is in the shade of black. You can even enjoy the strong waves at times that come.

    • Appreciate the Naval base at Varsoli: One of the most important portions of Alibaug is the Varsoli beach that is home to one of India’s large naval bases. It is situated on the outskirts of Alibaug and also gives its visitors a very scenic view of the place. The best part is, this sparkling white sandful beach is not frequented by visitors that often. So you can find the place to yourself.

    • Chill at the Akshi Beach: Akshi beach is known for many things. Chief among them is the scenic view. This is the most favorite spot for advertising, TV serials and movie shoots. The beach surface is flat and thus, makes it perfect for children and wanderers.

    • Drinking coconut water at Nagaon: Nagoan is located approximately 10km away from Alibaug is most popular for its coconuts and betel nuts. One can simply go on a stroll at the beach and have a relaxing experience while sipping on coconut juice along with the incredible view of the sunset. This place is also popular for its watersports activities and other adventure sports it offers.

  • Q. What will you like in Alibaug:

    • Indulge in water-sports at the beach island city: There are tones of varied watersports activities that visitors can indulge in. These are especially arranged by private water sports vendors who specialize in setting up the facilities of the same. It’s quite safe. One can choose from rowing boats to having fun on banana boats and motor boats.

    • Admire the ruins of the Kolaba Fort: Kolaba fort represents the old military fortification of British India. It has now turned into a popular tourist destination and is protected with much care given its relevance. This fort was created by Shivaji and speaks a thousand words about the design and architecture of that time.

    • Get on the Rewas Jetty: The Rewas Jetty is obtainable 23km away from Alibaug and is most popular among tourists for its Mumbai launch service. You must get on it once for a worthy experience.

    • Walk by the Vrindhavan farm: The Vrindhavan farm is spread over a sprawling 28 acres and is a perfect destination for a nice, peaceful nature walk picking on countless mangoes, guavas, custard apples, cactic and more fruits and crops.

    • Trekking at the Kanakeshwar forest: Kanakeshwar is a beautifully densed forest that will leave its visitors mesmerized. It is known for its richness and abundance of flora and fauna and trekking and hiking in this territory will sum up your visit at Alibaug.

    • Spiritual oneness at Brahma Kund: The Brahma Kund is situated approximately 20km away from Alibaug. This structure was established back in the 1612 year and since then holds immense religious importance for the hindus.

    • Shopping spree at Alibaug: There are endless small stalls and shops in Alibaug that make sale of clothes, accessories, chappals, antiques and so on. Go on a shopping spree at the local market at Alibaug and purchase products at unbelievably low prices.

    Government website: Maharashtra Tourism

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