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Wine Tour in Bangalore Flat 16% Off

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Microlight Flying in Bangalore Flat 19% Off

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Night Trek in Skandagiri, Bangalore

Night Trek in Skandagiri, Bangalore

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Bangalore Pub Crawl

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Camping in Coorg - Flat 50% off

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Camping and Adventure Activities in Ramanagara

Camping and Adventure Activities in Ramanagara

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Nandi Hills Drive-in Camp with Movie Screening, Bangalore

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Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura Flat 35% off

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Camping in Sakleshpur, Chikmagalur - Flat 34% off

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Camping by Tea Gardens Ooty

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Day Out at Ankit Vista Green Village

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Day Out and Adventure Activities in Ramanagara - Flat 24% off

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Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura Flat 35% off

Nature Adventure Camp in Kanakapura Flat 35% off

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Day Out at Royal Orchid Resorts, Bangalore - Flat 20% Off

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Day Out at Golden Palms - Flat 20% Off

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Day Out at The Foothills Of Nandi Hills - Flat 33% Off

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Day Out at Goldfinch Retreat - Flat 20% Off

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Day Out at Guhantara,the Underground Resort - Flat 18% off

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Day Out at Shilhaandara Resort - Flat 18% off

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Day Out at Jain Farms, Bangalore - Flat 50% Off

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Day Out at Rd Nature Retreat - Flat 20% Off

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Day Out at Vana Resort, Bangalore - Reviews, Photos & Offers

Day Out at Vana Resort, Bangalore - Reviews, Photos & Offers

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Day Out at Elim Resorts, Bangalore - Reviews, Photos & Offers

Day Out at Elim Resorts, Bangalore - Reviews, Photos & Offers

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Day Out at Ramanashree California Resort in Bangalore- Flat 30% off

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Day Outing at Gold Coin Resort

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Lal Bagh Botanical Garden

Lal Bagh Botanical Garden is spread over an area of 240 acres exhibiting more than 1,854 species of medicinal and scientific plants and trees. Among the places to visit in Bangalore, Lal Bagh Botanical garden certainly tops the list for its vast green stretch and the presence of exotic birds.  

The park was commissioned and concluded by Hyder Ali and his son Tipu Sultan, respectively, in the year 1760 and this vast expanse of greenery houses a 3000 million years rock which is fondly famous as “the Lal Bagh rock” which is a unique site that interests hordes of tourists. 

There is also a glass house with a lake and an aquarium and this glass house hosts a vibrant annual flower show. The colorful and vivid presence of birds such as Parakeets, Myna, Brahminy Kite, Pond Heron, Purple Moorhen and Common Egret etc hook a lot of birdwatchers and photographers.  

Location: Mavalli, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560004

Best Time to Visit:  you can visit the garden any time of the year but if you particularly interested in the flower show then visit in January and August.

Price: entry is free for children and an adult needs to pay INR 10.

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 5 KM.


Cubbon Park

This green belt region is spread over 300 acres land housing 6000 trees of different families contributing to the rich flora of the region.

Within the campus of the park, there are some interesting points like Cubbon Park Museum, Attara Kacheri, Ringwood Circle, the bamboo grove nook, lotus pond, Dancing Fountain and Sheshadri Iyer Memorial Park etc.

It is like a second home to nature lovers and morning joggers. If you wish to cover the entire park but not foot then hop on a toy train and tour around in the most fun away.

Cubbon Park is one of the Banglore tourist places where you can just sit idly beneath the green foliage and unwind watching the magical hours in the sky.  

Location: Kasturba Road, Behind High Court of Karnataka, Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Best Time to Visit: Early morning.

Price: Free entry.

Timings: 6 AM to 6 PM on all days of the week except Monday. It also remains closed on every second Tuesdays of the month.

Average time required to visit the place: 2 to 3 hours or half a day.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 3.5 KM


Nandi Hills

This is a set of breathtaking hillocks which is a complete nature retreat. From cycling and paragliding into the stunning mount to the Yoganandeeshwara Temple that sits atop the hill with a huge Nandi statue, these small mounds have a lot to offer, even the name of the hills was coined after the temple statue. 

Nandi hills are set small hillocks which serves as a great trekking or weekend getaway from Bangalore. It bestows the visitors with the sight of some endemic flora and fauna and magnificent vistas of the surrounding. 

Trek through the paved roads, rocky terrain, small streams and grasslands to reach the top of the hills but one must be careful of the steep descent and sharp turns while returning. Hordes of monkeys will accompany you throughout the trek hence do not keep eatables in your hands.

Location: Chikkaballapur Taluk, Chikkaballapur 562101, India

Best Time to Visit: October to March.

Price: There is no charge except for the commuting fare from Bangalore.

Timings: It is open 24 hours and the standard trekking hours can be between 6 AM to 6 PM.

Average time required to visit the place: A day.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 62 KM.


Bannerghatta National Park

Bannerghatta National Park is one of the interesting places to visit in Bangalore for the assorted wildlife and natural establishments and the rich vegetation. One can hire jeeps and cars or board a bus for touring around this massive national park sprawled across an area of  104.27 sq. km. 

The park encompasses a number of establishments such as a pretty butterfly park swarmed with colorful species of butterflies, an aquarium, Children's park, a zoo, a Crocodile farm, Snake Park, a museum and a Prehistoric Animals' Park which is highly praised by the visitors. 

The flora and fauna of the park include eucalyptus, sandalwood, tamarind, neem, bamboo etc in plants and jackal,  spotted deer, fox, wild boar, sloth bear, elephants, leopards, porcupine, Asiatic Lion, Royal Bengal Tiger, monitor lizard etc in animals. 

Bannerghatta park is not only nature’s retreat but also has ample locations for short trekking expedition, some of the points are Hajjamana Kallu, Mirza Hill, and Uddigebande; all of these are located under a distance of 4 KM. It is a quick getaway for all the shutterbugs and adventure enthusiasts dwelling in Bangalore.

Location: Bannerghatta Biological Park, Bannerghatta, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560083

Best Time to Visit: Winter season.

Price: INR 80 for adults and INR 40 for children (Indian Nationals), INR 400 and 300 for adult and children (any foreign national).

Timings: 9 AM to 5 PM on all days of the week except Tuesday.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 23 KM.


Bangalore Palace

Bangalore Palace is a true example of sheer architectural beauty which was built in 1873. This old opulent structure sits on a land of 25000 square feet displaying the regal mix of Tudor and Scottish Gothic architectural designs. 

Besides being a preserved site, it is also a grand venue that hosts marriage parties, events, and rock concerts. The palace houses paintings of the famous painter of bygone era Raja Ravi Varma along with ancient carvings and granite and ceramic tiles seating on the floor which are still unblemished. 

There is magnanimous ground in front of the palace which has hosted a number of international artists in the past like, The Rolling Stones, Backstreet Boys, Elton John, Lamb of God, Don Moen, David Guetta,  The Black Eyed Peas, Deep Purple, Metallica, Roger Waters etc. 

On the auspicious day of Dussehra every year, a grand fair is organized in the ground against the royal backdrop of the beautifully lit palace.

Location: Palace Road, Near Mount Carmel Institute Of Management, Vasanth Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560052

Best Time to Visit: During Dussehra when it is well lit with a grandiose celebration.

Price: INR 230 for Indians and INR 460 for foreigners.

Timings: 10 AM to 5:30 PM on all days of the week.

Average time required to visit the place: 3 to 4 hours.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 5 KM


Vidhana Soudha

Vidhana Soudha is situated in the center of the city, painted in white and spread over an area of 60 acres. Vidhan Soudha is the most renowned landmark in Bangalore which houses the state secretariat and state legislature under one roof. 

This dome-like structure has two chambers where the first floor (central wing) can accommodate 268 members at a time and the southern wing can accommodate 88 members. 

The building is a marvelous amalgamation of Dravidian, British and Indo-Islamic style architecture. One must not miss the lighting up of the building on Sunday evenings and the inscription that reads “Government work is God’s work.” 

Please note that it is one of the sightseeing places in Bangalore that needs prior permission or a pass nowadays. The grandeur of Vidhana. Soudha is visible after sunset when the entire building is well lit and it resembles a grand palace

Location: Doctor Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Best Time to Visit: September to February

Price: No entry fee.

Timings: 10 AM to 5:30 PM on all days of the week except Sunday.

Average time required to visit the place: 1 hour.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 3.5 KM


Venkatappa Art Gallery

This enormous art gallery is segmented into two halls where it exhibits more than 600 paintings. 

One of the two halls displays stone sculptures associated with Khajarao School of Art and Mathura whereas the other hall exhibits pottery and clay articles dating back to the Indus Valley civilization. 

This art gallery houses the artwork and paintings of world famous and renowned artists such as K. Venkatappa, M. F. Hussain, Hanumaiah, Hariram, Yusuf Arakkal, Rekha Rao, N. S. Bendre, and Vasudev in galore on the first level of the building. 

There are paintings christened as Prithvi, Vayu, Jala, Agni, Death, Sea Shore, Nagamandala, In Space,  and Last Glimpse by K.K Hebbar on the second level of the gallery. 

Venkatappa Art gallery is the Mecca for art loves, magnanimous, loaded and authentic and is one of the aesthetically pleasing places to visit in Bangalore.

Location: Kasturba Road, Ambedkar Veedhi, Sampangi Rama Nagar, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560001

Best Time to Visit: During the daytime.

Price: INR 10 per head (adults) and INR 5 (children)

Timings: 10 AM to 5 PM on all the days of the week except Monday.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Approximately 5 KM.



Take a day out and get charged at this craziest amusement park in Bangalore. Wonderla is one of the largest amusement parks in the entire country with more than 60 exhilarating rides such as Hurricane, Equinox, Insanity Twister, Recoil, Dropzone, Flash Tower, Mixer, Y-scream, Maverick etc. 

These high-tech rides will swirl, twist and turn you in around 360 degrees and will pump adrenaline rush to a next level. The water rides like splurgy and frolic with speedy drops and to and fro motion. 

Wonderla not only tops Bangalore tourist places list but it is loved by the local population as well. From rain disco to fun pools and wave pools, from roller coasters to boomerang rides; even an entire day at Wonderla is not enough to satiate the thrill junkies in you.

Location: 28th Km, Mysore Road, Bengaluru, Karnataka 562109

Best Time to Visit: November to February.

Price: Ranging from 850 to 2000

Timings: 11 AM to 6 PM from Monday to Friday and 11 AM to 7 PM on every Saturday and Sunday.

Average time required to visit the place: An entire day.

Distance from Kempe Gowda Bus stand: Around 35 KM

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How to Reach

  • How To Reach Bangalore By Air
  • 7
  • 7
  • Bangalore is the city which is well connected to various other metropolitan cities through the air. There is one airport named Kempegowda International airport which is present 40kms away from the city. This is the airport where both domestic and international flights are handled. It is the nearest airport from the city.
  • 7
  • 7
  • How To Reach Bangalore by Rail
  • 7
  • The two important railway stations present in Bangalore are Bangalore City Railway station and Yeswantpur Junction. Both the railway stations have trains which regularly run from major cities like Hyderabad, Delhi, Pune, Mumbai and many more. There are intra network trains present in Bangalore which can be used to travel within the city.
  • 7
  • 7
  • How To Reach Bangalore By Car/Bike
  • 7
  • From Mumbai
  • 7
  • The distance from Mumbai to Bangalore is 983.9 kms. There are two national high way routes which can be used to travel from Mumbai to Bangalore, NH59, and NH48. NH59 is longer distance route and is crowded, it takes 19h29m to travel from Mumbai to Bangalore in this route whereas NH48 is shorter distance route and takes 19h29m to travel.
  • 7
  • From Goa
  • 7
  • The distance between Bangalore and Goa is 558 kms. There is only one route to travel from Goa to Bangalore and it is NH48. It takes 9h51m to reach Bangalore from Goa.
  • 7
  • From Hyderabad
  • 7
  • The distance from Hyderabad and Bangalore is 575.5kms. There are three routes to travel from Bangalore to Hyderabad and the fastest route is via NH44, it takes 8h46m to reach Bangalore from Goa in this route. Another route is via NH40 and 44, it takes 12h8m to reach Bangalore and the third route is via NH48 and takes 14h16m to reach Bangalore.
  • 7
  • 7
  • 7
  • How To Reach Bangalore By Bus
  • 7
  • From Goa
  • 7
  • Distance: 557.8kms
  • 7
  • Traveling Time: 9 hr 37min
  • 7
  • Ticket Price: approximately 1200 INR
  • 7
  • Starting Point: KTC bus stand, Goa
  • 7
  • Ending Point: Ariskere, Bangalore
  • 7
  • From Mumbai
  • 7
  • Distance: 983.9kms
  • 7
  • Traveling Time: 15hr 49mins
  • 7
  • Ticket Price: approximately 1400 INR
  • 7
  • Starting Point: Shrivneri Dadar East Bus Stand
  • 7
  • Ending Point: Majestic Bus stand, Bangalore
  • 7
  • From Hyderabad
  • 7
  • Distance: 575.5 kms
  • 7
  • Traveling Time: 8 hr 38 mins
  • 7
  • Ticket Price: approximately 1000 INR
  • 7
  • Starting Point: Kachiguda

Best Time To Visit

  • Bangalore has a pleasant weather throughout the year. The climate will be moderate and is suitable to be visited at any time of the year. Usually, the months between September and February sees highest tourist flow rate and the reason for this is the weather becomes much more pleasant and gives a beautiful feeling during these times. Usually, the summer season which comes in between March and April have 34 degree Celsius temperature at most while in the winter season the temperature drops to 17 degrees. The monsoon has from June to September fewer rainfalls so there is no problem visiting the city then.
  • 7
  • 7
  • 7
  • The specialty of Visiting Bangalore in Monsoon
  • 7
  • 7
  • Monsoon in Bangalore usually provides the visitors with a lot of getaways. There are many places in and around Bangalore which can be explored in this monsoon seasons. All these places will surely give a different and memorable experience. The hills, rivers, lakes, landscapes and many more, if you are a nature lover then monsoon is the best time for you to visit Bangalore.
  • 7
  • 7
  • 7
  • The specialty of visiting Bangalore in Summer
  • 7
  • 7
  • Usually, people living in hot and humid areas plan to go to some cooler places and relax there. The maximum temperature in Bangalore is 34 degree Celsius in summer and the climate in summer season is commendable. So you can visit Bangalore this summer and explore many beautiful places.
  • 7
  • 7
  • 7
  • The specialty of visiting Bangalore in Winter
  • 7
  • 7
  • The temperature in the winter season in Bangalore drops below 10 degrees in some instances yet the climate is peaceful and people can enjoy the cool weather. There are many beautiful destinations in Bangalore which can be explored in the cool climate. Hills, beaches, heritage sites and a lot more can be visited and explored in this beautiful season.

Traveller Tales from Bangalore


Lakshmi Krishnamoorthy

27 November 2017

"Lovely resort overlooking the lake\nWe (two girls) went from Bangalore to Doddaballapur (Bus no. 285M) and from doddaballapur to ujjani from ujjani it took us 10 \nmins to reach the resort the tour or...

  • 1511792153_img-20171127-wa0018.jpg
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  • 1511792153_20171125_123624.jpg
  • 1511792153_20171125_123406.jpg
  • 1511792153_b612_20171125_152439.jpg
  • 1511792153_b612_20171125_152401.jpg
  • 1511792153_b612_20171125_162514.jpg
  • 1511792154_b612_20171125_163147.jpg+16

udit kumar

26 September 2014

It was my first trekking and had loads of fun :) Planning another trip with thrillophilia grp very soon.

  • 20140810_063343.jpg
  • 20140810_065709.jpg
  • 20140810_065722.jpg
  • 20140810_065737.jpg
  • 20140810_065923.jpg
  • 20140810_065950.jpg
  • 20140810_071345.jpg
  • 20140810_071405.jpg+11

Shakti Arora

10 April 2014

Wao it was absolutely brilliant to see those majestic Tiger and charismatic Leopard, this was the first time i saw these animals for the first time. The panoramic views catches our attention , its one

  • Dsc_0078_1.jpg
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  • Dsc_0118_1.jpg
  • Dsc_0170_18.jpg
  • Dsc_0175_04.jpg
  • Dsc_0175_13.jpg+10

Keerthana Priya

23 November 2017

"It was a wonderful experience.The food was also very tasty.Try to meet cute little rott from sula vineyards.."

  • 1511433361_img_20170903_160652.jpg
  • 1511433361_img_20170903_164253.jpg
  • 1511433362_img_20170903_160346.jpg
  • 1511433362_img_20170903_161037.jpg
  • 1511433362_pano_20170903_164640.jpg
  • 1511433362_img_20170903_153832.jpg
  • 1511433362_img_20170903_163613.jpg
  • 1511433362_img_20170903_162445.jpg+9

Sanchari Saha

10 January 2018

"Awesome Experience... Such a great wine tasting & learning session we had. We were allowed to taste some 5 varieties, with the instructor specifying its history then manufacturing, bottling & ageing p...

  • 1515532917_picsart_12-23-06.27.04.jpg
  • 1515532918_picsart_12-23-06.26.29.jpg
  • 1515532918_picsart_12-23-06.26.02.jpg
  • 1515532918_picsart_12-23-06.25.38.jpg
  • 1515532918_picsart_12-23-06.14.49.jpg
  • 1515532918_picsart_12-23-06.11.30.jpg
  • 1515532918_picsart_12-23-06.25.21.jpg
  • 1515532918_picsart_12-23-06.24.44.jpg+7

Ms. Pallavi

27 January 2019

"It was simply superb place for day out.... The discipline, hospitality, nature around, it was really .... It's ever best place to enjoy for both children's and elders.... Food what they provided ...

  • 1548610065_img-20190127-wa0004.jpg
  • 1548610065_img_20190115_200250.jpg
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  • 1548610065_img-20190127-wa0006.jpg
  • 1548610065_img_20190115_120922.jpg
  • 1548610065_img-20190127-wa0001.jpg
  • 1548610065_img_20190127_222842.jpg
  • 1548610065_img-20190127-wa0002.jpg+6

Shraddha Rahate

22 October 2014

Trek was nice but so much of tiring :) whoever is planning for this trek i would like to suggest them to do few stretching exercises at-least for 3-4 days before this trek. Relaxing on peak of Skan...

  • Img_6771.jpg
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  • Img_6832.jpg
  • Img_6862.jpg+4

Madhusudhan Anand

29 May 2017

It was a team outing, 30 of us from office and a few also got their family and kids! I and few others in my team were looking everywhere and nothing seemed to match our requirements. It had to be fun, ...

  • 1496058615_img_5396.jpg
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  • 1496058616_img_20170514_124423.jpg
  • 1496058616_img_20170514_125727.jpg+3

Dev Samar

07 September 2014

Awesome trek...refreshing...and all the most traveling with Swami's team is just amazing.. also Thrillophilia had great staff support while booking. Good weather at the top and at completion of trek vi...

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What You Should Know More About Bangalore

  • Q. Drinking Laws

    The legal age for drinking in Bangalore is 18 years. You may sometimes require to show an ID proof before making a purchase of alcohol. Arrack has been banned in Bangalore since July 1st 2007.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    The massive lung space
    If you are in Bangalore, it is impossible to miss out on the huge lung spaces like Cubbon Park. The Park is spread across an area of 100 acres and has a number of green plants and trees. Another such place is Bannerghatta National Park that is a 25,000-acre park and one of the most frequented tourist attraction in Bangalore. Whichever, end of Bangalore you live in, you’ll always feel closer to nature.

    If you have been to Bangalore and haven’t yet tried the world’s best Dosa at MTR/CTR/Vidhyarthi Bhavan, your trip is incomplete. Do experience it to believe it!

    Bangalore’s special filter kaapi
    Heard the phrase, ‘A lot happens over a cup of coffee?’ This city makes it sound true! Bangalore is undoubtedly the Birthplace of the Coffee Days. You’ll find at least one CCD in every nook and corner of the Bangalore street. However, it is still the wafting aroma of the filter coffee here that can drive you crazy.

    Word Hard and Party Harder
    You have not known Bangalore completely, if you are yet to experience its night life. Stats say that Bangalore has the largest number of pubs in Asia. There was a time when these pubs used to shut down by 11 PM but now these are open till 1 in the night.

    Legendary hole in the wall eating joints
    The mouth watering idlis, delectable kesari bath and the heavenly upma at places like Veena Stores, Brahmin’s Café and Janatha Hotel are something to savor on.

    Aero Show
    Every 2 years, there is an Aero show organized in Bangalore. It is a visual treat that has an array of civilian and combat aircrafts from across the globe showcase their prowess in the sky. Organized at the Yelahanka Air Force Base, it is a must watch. Do watch out for the one in 2017.

    Dance is a way of life here
    Plan a visit to the Nrityagram Dance Village to experience the Karnataka’s love for traditional music and classical dance. This residential school also offers training in different forms of Indian classical dance like Kuchipudi, Odissi, Manipuri, Kathak, Mohiniattam, Kathakali and Bharatnatyam.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination (govt websites, travel forum articles)?

    Books :

    • The Cosmopolitans, Anjum Hasan 
    • The Riddle of the Seventh Stone, Monideepa Sahu 
    • Multiple City: Writings on Bangalore, Aditi De 
    • Cut Like Wound, Anita Nair 
    • Bengaluru/Bangalore – In First Person Singular, Mahesh Bhat 
    • Hari, a Hero for Hire, Zac O’Yeah 
    • The Red Carpet: Bangalore Stories, Lavanya Sankaran 
    • Monkey-Man, Usha KR 
    • The Promise of the Metropolis: Bangalore’s Twentieth Century, Janaki Nair 
    • No Time for Goodbyes, Andaleeb Wajid 

  • Q. When is the best time to explore Bangalore?

    Though Bangalore temperature is fairly pleasant throughout the year, the best time to visit this city is between August and February.


    This is when the monsoons are almost over and there is warm sunlight during the day and chill winds at night so visiting gardens and other sites around the city is convenient even during mid-day.

  • Q. How is the general climate of Bangalore?

    The general climate of Bangalore is usually below 35°C even in the summer months of March to May but it gets unpleasant outdoors due to the fierce sunlight. October to February is ideal for outdoor activities like family picnics, trekking, long drives and others.


    All you would need is a windcheater or a light woolen jacket if you are planning to drive around at night. June to September is monsoon time when the city faces mild to heavy rainfall and a sunny afternoon can suddenly turn into a downpour that can become a damper if you are out shopping.

  • Q. Which are must visit places in Bangalore?

    While Bangalore has several attractions some of the must see places of historical interest are:

    • Vishveshwaraya Museum
    • Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace
    • Vidhana Soudha
    • Mark’s Cathedral
    • Devanahalli Fort that was the birthplace of Tipu Sultan.
    • Lal Bagh
    • Cubbon park
    • Bannerghatta National Park
    • Lumbini Gardens
    • Innovative Film City
    • Wonderla
    • ISKON Sri Krishna temple,
    • Kote Venkataramana Temple built in 17th century
    • Bull Temple.

  • Q. What all things can be done in Bangalore?

    The city that began with a small mud fort built in 1537 by Kempe Gowda is today a sprawling city spread across 709 square kms with an overall population of 8.426 million that offers multitude of entertainment options within its boundaries.

    • Religious Sightseeing
      • ISKCON Sri Krishna temple
      • Ragigudda Temple
      • Sri Gavi Gangadhareshwara Swamy temple
    • Activities:
      • Trekking
      • Rappelling
      • Camping
      • Relax at ayurveda spas
    • Shopping:
      • Orion Mall
      • Mantri Square in Malleshwaram
      • Phoenix Market City.

  • Q. Which are some famous places to visit near Bangalore in summers?

    • Bangalore is located close to several hill stations like Ooty, Munnar, Kodaikanal, Wayanad and Coorg that can be explored during summer.
    • The best places to visit in summer are amusement parks like Snow City in Fun World Complex,Wonderla the water park and Neeladri Amusement and Waterpark with games for everyone.
    • Waterfalls like Shivanasamudra, Muthyala Maduvu or Pearl Valley are also pleasant after a few bouts of rainfall.

  • Q. Which are some famous places to visit near Bangalore in winters?

    As winters are perfect for travelling around to nearby locations:

    • One can explore Mysore and Srirangapatna along with Nandi Hills and Ranganathittu Bird Sanctuary.
    • Pleasant weather also helps to explore local scenery with adventure sports like trekking, rappelling and camping at Bheemeshwari, Antharagange, Vanakebe Falls, Manchinbele or at Ramanagaram.
    • This is also a good time to visit temples like Bhoga Nandeeshwara Temple, Kotilingeshwara Temple, Chamundeshwari Temple, Ghati Subramanya Temple, Ranganathaswamy temple and Someshwara Temple.

  • Q. Can I visit Cubbon Park? What is special there?

    Cubbon Park, regarded as the “lung” area of Bangalore’s business district was created in 1870 and is today spread across 300 acres. The park is made up of natural rock, massive bamboos and several varieties of small and large plants along with wide walkways used for walking and light exercises by residents in the area.


    It also houses a library, aquarium and toy train along with several statues of famous personalities and benches to relax. The park is open between 10.30 AM to 6 PM on all days except Thursdays and the entrance is free.


    They have a show of colorful fairy fountains every evening and short courses for pottery making and painting are also offered.

  • Q. Can someone visit Vidhana Soudha? Is it worth visiting it?

    Vidhana Soudha or Karnataka Government’s parliament building is India’s largest legislature-cum-office building which is an interesting place that every tourist to the city must visit. Spread across 60 acres, the building has four entrances signifying four directions and houses twenty two departments on four floors. 

    The impressive building was built in Dravidian architecture style in 1956 and has a beautiful 60 feet dome in its center and six domes of which, four are in the front section and two on the sides which are supported by 8 pillars. Entry to the structure is not allowed unless one is visiting for official work.

  • Q. What is special about the famous Bangalore Palace?

    Bangalore palace, the erstwhile summer capital of Mysore’s Maharajas was built by Rev. J Garett in 1862 to resemble Windsor Castle. The palace spread across 453 acres, is popular for its beautiful Tudor style architecture and beautiful objects of art belonging to the royal family that is displayed to the public.


    Instead of a live guide, the 40 tour has an audio guide that tells the history behind each section of this marvelous heritage. The palace’s interiors are decorated with stained glass windows, skylights, neo classical furniture, family photographs, royal garments used for ceremonies and hunting trophies 

  • Q. Which museums I can visit in Bangalore?

    • Visvesvaraya Industrial and Technological museum is one of the best in Bangalore that has five galleries dedicated to varied aspects of technology.
    • Besides this, one can visit Government museum that was built in 1865 and has got its share of ancient history in the form of geological and architectural objects excavated from across the state.
    • The city also has a quaint folk museum that has an excellent collection of folk artifacts like costumes, masks and weapons used during performances. The museum also has audio-visual presentations of rural dances and an antique temple chariot.
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  • Q. Where is Tipu Sultan’s Summer Palace located? Can I visit it?

    Tipu Sultan’s summer palace also referred to as Dariya Daulat is located on a small island on the Cauvery river at Srirangapatna and is located close to Mysore.


    Built in 1791, the palace is now a museum displaying personal belongings of Tipu’s family like clothes, crown and family silver. The palace is open to public between 8.30am to 5.30 pm on all days of the week and has a small charge of Rs.15 per adult.


    The small two storied palace was built with stone, wood and mortar in Indo-Islamic style with colorful floral motifs.

  • Q. Which are some best water parks in Bangalore?

    • The top ranked waterpark in Bangalore is Wonderla that is ranked 1st in India and 7th in Asia and spread across 33 hectares.
    • Neeladri Amusement and waterpark, which was the city’s first water amusement park is located in Hosur road, which has 45 dry rides and 8 rides in waterpark.
    • Lumbini Gardens in Hebbal is famous for boating and water based games for adults and children.
    Looking for some day outing options in Bangalore? - Here is what we recommend

  • Q. Can I visit Wonderla? What are the charges?

    Wonderla is Bangalore’s most popular amusement parks located around 28 kilometers away from city center at Bidadi. There are buses and cabs to the amusement park and back till late hours in the evening.


    The park has 55 land and water based rides along with a musical fountain and laser shows along with special games and attractions for small children. The park is open between 11 am to 7 pm on all days and rates are Rs.700 for an adult and Rs. 540 for a child.


    During festivals, weekends and peak holiday season the rates go up to Rs. 940 per adult and Rs.710 for a child.

  • Q. Which are some famous temples of Bangalore?

    While Bangalore is home to over 1000 new and old temples the most famous of them is the ISKCON Radha Krishna temple, Bull Temple with 15 feet tall Nandi and Dodda Ganesha temples located beside each other in Basavanagudi.


    Some of the city’s ancient temples are Chokkanathaswamy temple in Domlur built in 10th century, Gavi Gangadhareshwara temple carved out of single rock in 9th century and the Halasuru Someshwara temple dating back to Chola period has retained its ornate charm.


    Other famous temples are Venkataramana temple, Banashankari temple, Sri Dwadasha Jyotirlinga Temple and Kailash Vaikunta Mahakshetra Temple.

  • Q. Can I visit the Innovative Film City in Bangalore?

    This theme park is located 37 km from Bangalore and has state buses and cabs plying to the area.


    The park visiting hours are between 10 am to 7 pm on all days of the week and entry fees before 3 PM is Rs. 500 per adult and Rs. 399 after 3 PM. Built in 2007 the park has several attractions like a water park, Dino park, haunted mansion, mirror maze and a tribal museum for children and adults.

  • Q. Which all places are good to visit by couples in Bangalore?

    The best places couples can visit are:

    • Cubbon Park
    • Lalbagh and Bugle Rock Park in Basavanagudi
    • Boating on Hebbal Lake, BTM lake and Ulsoor lake
    • Shopping malls like Mantri Mall, Forum Mall, Bangalore Central Mall, Garuda Mall and Orion Mall

  • Q. Which all places are famous for Candlelight Dinners in Bangalore?

    Bangalore a lot of options for a romantic experiences where couples can enjoy can privacy and great food. Here listed are some of the places:

    • Café Max on CMH Road with its cozy setting and fairy lights
    • Blue Ginger at Raj West End on Race Course Road with its peaceful atmosphere and fine dining experience
    • Candlelight at Le Cirque Signature on Old Airport road
    • News Café in Indiranagar
    • Bierre Republic at Pavilion Mall in Church Street with its warm woody ambience
    • Ebony –Ivory Tower with its amazing view
    • Mezzaluna with its stylish Italian furniture and food

  • Q. Which all places are best preferred for a family outing in Bangalore?

    There are several amazing places around Bangalore that you can take the family for a fun filled day of swimming and casual lazing around. For the best experiences visit:

    • Savandurga which has a ruined fort for a picnic
    • Avani has ancient temples
    • Bannerghatta National Park for safaris
    • Take a trip to Wonderla amusement park
    • Take a swim in Chunchi Falls
    • Go fishing in Bheemeshwari
    • Explore lush greenery around Balmuri and Edmuri falls
    • Explore the grasslands around Hessarghatta lake and charming Horsely Hills to view the “World’s biggest Banyan Tree.

  • Q. Which places will be most enjoyable for kids, in Bangalore?

    Bangalore being such a vibrant city for sightseeing and adventure activities also has a lot of options for kids to enjoy:

    • Amusement parks: Wonderla, Lumbini Gardens, Snow world and  Neeladri Amusement and waterpark where kids can enjoy various watersport and thrilling activities.
    • Educative: Jawaharlal Nehru Planetorium, Vishveshwaraya Museum and aeronautics museum.
    • Adventure: Camping to Manchinbele or at Ramanagaram, Bheemeshwari for fishing and boating since kids also love adventure and the thrill of adrenaline rush.
    • Waterfalls: Shivanasamudra, Muthyala Maduvu and Pearl Valley

  • Q. Which are some best resorts for a stay in Bangalore? What activities can be done there?

    Some of the best resorts dotting the city’s outskirts are:

    • Holiday Village Resort
    • Guhantara resort
    • Country Club Resort
    • Mango Mist Resort
    • Parkfield Resotel
    • Ramanashree California Club and Resort
    • Jade Lotus
    • Raintree at Taj West End
    • Olde Bangalore Resorts
    • Windflower Prakruthi

    While some of them have their own spa and swimming facilities for families, they also have courts for outdoor and indoor games and rain dance wherein people are showered with water as they sway to loud music. 

  • Q. Which resorts provide private pool facility near Bangalore?

    Most resorts near Bangalore have swimming pools but none of them are private as generally they are used by all guests that are present in the resort.


    Some resorts that have multiple swimming pools for children and adults are:

    • Elim Resort
    • Confident Amoon Glamour resort
    • Emerald Isle Resort
    • Holiday village Resort
    • Urban Valley Resort
    • Parkfield Resotel

  • Q. Which resorts are good for adventure activities near Bangalore?

    All resorts near Bangalore have volleyball and basketball courts for guests along with swimming pools and video game parlors to keep families and children across varied ages busy across the day.

    • Chairman’s Jade Club Resort offer extra facilities like archery
    • Shilha Andara Resort offers adventure sports like paintball, zorbing and rope climbing without any extra charges
    • Angsana resort offers paintball games
    • Jaladhama resort offer trampoline and water sports like paddling, canoeing and banana boat ride

  • Q. Which are some of the best resorts for corporate day outing in Bangalore?

    Corporate day outings should comprise of team building sports and activities that brings office colleagues in an informal atmosphere.


    Some of the best resorts with space and opportunities for organizing large team activities are:

    • Discovery Village Resorts
    • Guhantara Resorts
    • Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort
    • Olde Bangalore
    • Ramanashree California Resort
    • Vana Resort
    • Jaladhama Resort.

  • Q. Which resorts are couple-friendly in Bangalore?

    Bangalore Resorts that offer privacy and solitude for couples are:

    • Woodrich Anbi Club
    • Silver Oak Farm
    • Royal Orchid Resort and Convention Center
    • Eagleton Golf Resort for a touch of luxury

    For a relaxing spa and massage experience try:

    • Angsana Oasis Spa and Resort
    • Palm Meadows Club
    • Windflower Prakruthi Resort and Spa
    • Clarks Exotica Convention and Spa
    • Golden Palms Resort
    • Parkfield Resotel

  • Q. Which are some best weekend getaways from Bangalore?

    Living in Bangalore and being apart of the daily rush and chaos calls for quality time away with nature and unwinding yourself.


    There are a lot of of options for weekend getaways in Bangalore, you can:

    • Take weekend trips to Hogenakkal Falls just 189 kms from Bangalore
    • Visit Hampi beside a river
    • Bheemeshwari or Masinagudi for natural beauty
    • Explore nearby hill stations of Coorg, Ooty, Wayanad and Munnar and wander around the tea gardens enjoying homemade chocolate
    • If historical ruins, temples and forts are your interests then check out Shravanabelagola, Belur, Halebid, Shivanasamudra, Badami, Mysore, Srirangapatnam and Dharmasthala

  • Q. Which all places are good for a bike trip near Bangalore?

    Bike trips allows you to see offbeat locations that are usually avoided by tour operators so here are some places you can explore on a bike. Thottikallu Falls off Kanakapura road is just 35 km away Savandurga and Manchinabele Dam close to Arkavathi River is best explored on bikes.


    Other locations for day trips by bike are Mekedatu, Lepakshi if you like historical inscriptions and Nandi Hills. A couple of Tipu Sultan’s strategic forts like Manjarabad Fort (226 km away) and Gandikota Fort (300 km away) located deep in the hills can be explored by bikers.

    Here is a handpicked Collection of Best Road Trips Around Bangalore

  • Q. How far is Coorg from Bangalore? When is the best time to visit it?

    Located deep in the heart of Kodagu Hills, Coorg is a beautiful hill station and the coffee capital of India. It is located around 270 km by road from Bangalore.


    The best time to visit this hill station is between October and May as the weather is pleasant at 20° C and ideal for exploring every part of the town by just walking around or driving on motorbikes.


    To explore the actual essence of Coorg, tourists prefer to stay in homestays instead of commercial lodges or resorts.

  • Q. What all things can we do in Coorg?

    Besides its pleasant weather a lot of different adventure activities that can be enjoyed in Coorg. That are:

    • Try camping under the starlit sky at Nalknad Palace, Voted, Gonikoppal and Chelavara Falls
    • Explore River rafting in Barapole river that flows through Coorg
    • The wild landscape of the hills, beckon explorers to try out jeep safaris to Nishani Hills at Madhanad, Mallalli Waterfalls at Mahadev pette, Mandalpatti at Thimmaiah Circle and Kakabbe Hills at Madikeri
    • Other must do activities in Coorg include trekking, zip lining, quad biking or microlight flights.

  • Q. Which are some famous tourist attractions in Coorg?

    There are several places to visit in Coorg that can be enjoyed by tourists, That are:

    • The Abbey Falls and Iruppu Falls
    • Scenic locations like Tadiandamol Peak and Hills followed by serene vision of Talakaveri
    • The Dubare Elephant camp to watch the gentle giants or take a coracle ride on the Cauvery river to and watch crocodiles lazing on its banks
    • Buddhist temple and monastery at Bylakuppe.

  • Q. What all adventure activities can be done in Coorg?

    • Coorg has several trekking trails leading to waterfalls, mountain peaks and wild life sanctuaries that tourists can take their pick from
    • Try out a Microlight Flight for a bird’s eye view of Coorg
    • Hire quad bikes and go exploring the undergrowth of jungles with friends.
    • Try your luck and explore the famous Mahaseer fish
    • Elephant camp at Dubare can be fun for indulging in bathing and scrubbing the gentle elephants.

  • Q. Where can I do rappelling near Bangalore?

    Surrounded by hills and valleys Bangalore’s outskirts is perfect for adventure sports like rappelling and rope climbing along with day and night trekking.


    The best locations for rappelling which is generally conducted by adventure clubs with trained guides helping new entrants to the sport are:

    • Ramanagara
    • Tadiandamol Trek and rappelling
    • Skandagiri hillock for trekking and rappelling
    • Manchinbele is popular and so is Anthargange both of which have swimming and trekking along with rappelling

  • Q. Where can we do paintball adventure in Bangalore?

    Paintball adventure can be explored in resorts and adventure camps located in the outskirts of Bangalore like:

    • Bannerghatta Road
    • Jade Garden
    • Savandurga hill camp
    • Holiday Village Resort
    • Paintball and Go karting arena located 5 kms from total mall in Sarjapur
    • Paintball Zone in Kothnur Road at RBI Layout
    • National Paintball League in Indira Nagar
    • Play near Total Mall in Kasavanahalli

  • Q. Which are some famous treks near Bangalore? Are there night treks too?

    The most popular trekking locations in Bangalore with well laid out tracks are

    • Ramnagara
    • Skandagiri
    • Anthargange
    • Ramadewara Betta
    • Kuntibetta
    • Nandi Hills
    • Savanadurga
    • Makalidurga
    • Devarayanadurga
    • Bheemeshwari
    • Kabbaldurga
    • Kuntibetta

    Though some of these treks are also used for night trekking it is best done on full moon nights and with a guide as there have been instances of people getting lost.

  • Q. Where can someone do cave exploration near Bangalore?

    Due to rocky landscape there are many ancient caves around Karnataka like:

    • Siddara Betta
    • Tumkur
    • Antharganga
    • Kolar
    • Badami

    The closest ones to Bangalore for which exploratory tours are conducted is:

    • Antharagange in Kolar
    • Mullayanagiri caves

    There are few cave temples that can be explored too like:

    • Hulimavu cave on Bannerghatta Road close to BGS school.

  • Q. What all camping sites can be found near Bangalore?

    Popular camping locations within 100 kms of Bangalore are:

    • Manchinbele
    • Ramanagara
    • Bananthi Betta
    • Kanakpura near Hosa Doddi Lake
    • Savandurga
    • Antharagange
    • Nachikuppam

    Popular camping sites within 200 kms of Bangalore are:

    • Bheemeshwari and Doddamakali while there are several camping sites as one travels towards Ooty, Coorg and Wayanad

  • Q. What all activities can be done in Ooty? How far is Ooty from Bangalore?

    Bangalore to Ooty is 273.4 km drive and is accessible by road and train. Every visitor to Ooty must see the:

    • Botanical Gardens spread across 22 acres that has 650 species of flowers and trees
    • Boating on Ooty Lake
    • Speedboat ride near Pykara waterfall

    Ideal for trekking and camping

    • Dodabetta peak
    • Lamb’s rock
    • Pine Forest
    • Dolphin’s Nose
    • Take a toy train ride to Coonoor for scenic view of hills and hidden waterfalls
    • Go shopping on Charing Cross to purchase chocolates, Toda shawls or famous Nilgiri tea and Eucalyptus oil.

  • Q. What all activities can be done in Chikmagalur? How far is Chikmagalur from Bangalore?

    Every coffee lover that visits Bangalore should make a point of visiting the beautiful hill station of Chikmagalur for its lush greenery, Bangalore to Chikmagalur is a 277 kms  drive. There are several activities that can be done in Chikamagalur, Such as:

    • Take long walks along the coffee plantations
    • Visit the local temples and sightseeing locations
    • Explore rafting on the river Bhadra
    • Try golfing at Chikmagalur Golf Club with a 9 hole golf course
    • The range of mountains make the town’s outskirts like Kemmangundi ideal for camping, cycling and trekking
    • Other locations for cycling here are Kudremukh, Bababudangiri, Mullayanagiri and Kuringal gudda.

  • Q. Which all wildlife safaris we can do near Bangalore?

    With two of the nation’s largest national parks close to the city there is no dearth of wildlife safaris that one can explore in Bangalore.

    • Bannerghatta National park
    • Kabini located in Mysore
    • Mudumalai National Park in Udagamandalam
    • National park in Bandipur and Nagarhole National Park offer both elephant safari and tiger safari that are done by jeeps during daytime
    • Wayanad in Kerala and BR Hills are smaller in size so usually small herbivore species and elephants are visible during safari to these locations.

  • Q. Can I visit Bannerghatta National Park? How much will the safari cost me?

    Bannerghatta National Park located 25 km south of Bangalore city is closed on Tuesdays and though it is open between 9 am to 5pm on all other days the ticket counter opens at around 10 am.


    Divided into three sections namely the Zoo, Grand Safari and Butterfly park, the overall cost of visitation to first two locations is Rs. Rs.260 for adults and Rs.130 for children along with Rs.25 for camera.


    Foreigners are charged Rs.400 for adults and Rs.300 for children. Entry ticket to visit Butterfly Park is Rs.30 which also has a few stray monkeys playing around.

  • Q. Which waterfalls can we see near Bangalore?

    • Thottikallu Falls is 33.5 km from Bangalore
    • Chunchi Waterfalls is 83 kms away and enroute to Mekedatu
    • Shivanasamudra- Gaganchukki-Barachukki is 109 km south of Bangalore.
    • Hogenakkal Falls near Cauvery at 180 kms from Bangalore
    • Balmuri Edmuri Waterfalls at 175 km
    • Vayapare Falls is 218 km South West of Bangalore.
    • Iruppu Falls is 247 kms away.
    • Abbi Fall in Kodagu is 268 km away.
    • Jog Falls is at 379 km North West of Bangalore

  • Q. Can we do cycling tour in Bangalore? Which places can we see while cycling?

    • Thattekere cycling tour of 50 km from Electronic city to Thattekere lake.
    • Big Banyan Tree cycling tour of 32 km to the historical location can enable you to visit Manchanabele Dam.
    • Ramohalli to Ramadevarabetta this 90 km cycling trail travels through Savandurga, Manchanabele Dam and Dodda Alada Mara.
    • Devarayanadurga from Govindapura (Tumkur) is 110 km that travels from Nidvanda, Hanumantha Nagar village to reach Devarayanadurga Temple.
    • North Bangalore 5 hour cycling tour that takes you past excavated temples, heritage homes and artisans village for closer look at the city’s art and culture.

  • Q. Which places are famous for river rafting near Bangalore?

    Here are the some famous river rafting experiences in Bangalore:-

    • Bheemeshwari river rafting in Cauvery river is for 2 to 2.5 hours.
    • Barapole rafting in Coorg is 270 kms away along the forests of Brahmagiri Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Bhadra rafting in Chikamagalur is 242 kms away and offers easy to moderate challenges.
    • Kabini river rafting is 220 km away and brings you in close proximity to the wildlife
    • Kondaji at Davangere is 260 kms away, it takes you along hills and forests.
    • Dandeli on Kali River is 462 kms away and is used for canoeing and kayaking as well.

  • Q. When is the best time to visit Coorg & Dandeli for rafting?

    The best time to visit Dandeli is between January to Feb if you are a bird watching enthusiast and between the months of April to September during the pre-monsoon and monsoon months when the river Kali is at ideal levels for kayaking, rafting and coracle rides.


    There are two locations for river rafting in Coorg namely Barapole River and Cauvery river at Dubare. White water rafting is done during mid-July and September end while Still water rafting is done across the year barring the monsoon season. 

  • Q. Can someone do rafting in Bheemeshwari?

    Yes the gentle Cauvery river has paddle boat rafting through the rapids that is considered a major adventure sport for visitors. Depending on the size the group and their level of enthusiasm, the river rafting exercise can be for 2 or 4 hours to let them explore different grades of water speeds. Even novices can try out rafting in Bheemeshwari as all boats have a trained oarsman cum diver that travels with every group.

  • Q. Can I do a Wine tour near Bangalore? How much it will cost me?

    • Grover vineyards on Doddaballapur spread across 410 acres has daily tours between 10.30 am to 3 pm that include lunch, winery tour and wine tasting. Cost per head between Monday to Friday is Rs.850 per head and Rs.1000 per head on weekends.
    • Bangalore Soma Vineyards at Gundamgere village in North Bangalore has four tour sessions between 9 am to 9 pm that includes lunch and dinner and wine tasting sessions that cost Rs.1500 per head.
    • Heritage Winery in Channapatna tours between 10 am to 5pm charges has tours to showcase winemaking and tasting process seven days a week. The charges are Rs.250 per head while grape stomping experience costs Rs.500 each.

  • Q. Can I visit Nandi Hills? Why is it so famous?

    Anyone can visit Nandi Hills by hiring a car or by local tourist buses that include this location on Mysore sightseeing trips. Nandi Hills is famous for its strategic location that gives sweeping views of Mysore city and its surrounding villages.


    The hill has religious significance due to Chamundeshwari temple, Bhoganandishwara temple and ancient Nandi Bull statue that is more than 20 feet tall. Bikers and cyclists’ groups visit the hilltop for view of sunrise and sunset which is breathtaking especially during monsoons and winter.

  • Q. What all activities can be done in Kanakpura?

    Kanakapura is a tourism hotspot. This town has activities and sightseeing from history to adventure. Located 55 km from Bangalore, it is surrounded by lush green forests and beauty.

    • Relaxing in resorts – Guhantara, Urban Valley, Holiday Village resort, Khedda Resorts, Vana Resorts and Elim Resorts. These resorts offer swimming, outdoor games like volleyball, rain dance, trampoline along with several group and individual sporting activities like video game arenas too.
    • Paintball camps
    • Waterfall tour – Chunchi Falls
    • Trekking – Bilikal Rangaswamy Betta, Devara Gudda
    • Adventure sports – Trekking, rappelling, fishing, kayaking and ziplining
    • Spa facilities in Kanakapura - Sri Sri Ayurveda Panchakarma

  • Q. What adventure activities can be done in Ramanagara?

    • Vineyard tour - That includes vineyard tour of Heritage Grape Winery and shows all stages of winemaking process.
    • Cycling tour – 35 km cycle tour from outskirts of Bangalore city to 400 year old Big Banyan Tree, Manchanabele Dam and Ramadevara Betta
    • Camping – The jungles and rocky plains of Ramanagara famous for world’s oldest granite ridges are popular camping sites for trekkers and adventure clubs.
    • Trekking – Most popular trails for both night and day trekking
    • Quad Biking and Go karting
    • Paintball adventures – Dirt Mania, Fever Pitch Basecamp, Neon Factory and Adventure Adda

  • Q. Where can we do Go-Karting in Bangalore?

    • Dirt Mania on Kanakpura Road
    • Raceway Motorsport at Kanakpura near Kaggalipura with 5 laps
    • Red Riders Sports at Huskur Dommasandra Road with 5 and 12 laps
    • Govindraj Garden, R.T.Nagar with 5.5 BHP Kart
    • Gurukul’s Gokarting at Siddapura Whitefield
    • Meco Kartopia Gokarting at Hennur Bagalur Road in Chaggalagatti Village

  • Q. Which are some best Hill Stations near Bangalore? What are their Distances?

    Below are some of the famous hill staitons around Bangalore

    • Ooty in Tamil Nadu is referred to as Queen of Hills – 270km away
    • Coorg in Karnataka is called Scotland of India – 267 km away
    • Munnar in Kerala is called the Kashmir of South India – 476 km away
    • Kodaikanal in Tamilnadu is Princess of Hill Stations – 459 km away
    • Yercaud in Tamil Nadu is Poor Man’s Ooty – 228 km away
    • Chikmagalur in Karnataka          - 277 km away
    • Wayanad in Kerala           - 275 km away

  • Q. Which are some amazing Beach Destination near Bangalore? How far are they?

    • Surathkal Beach is 347 km west of Bangalore and 20 km from Mangalore
    • Tannirbhavi Beach is 347 km west of Bangalore and 12 km from Mangalore
    • Marina Beach is 351 km from Bangalore and in Chennai
    • Mahabalipuram Beach is 350 km from Bangalore
    • Kaup Beach is 406 km west of Bangalore and 14 km from Udupi
    • Malpe Beach is 406 km west of Bangalore and 7 km from Udupi
    • Someshwar Beach is 347 km west Bangalore and 13 km from Mangalore
    • Bekal Beach is 377 km from Bangalore.
    • Puducherry Beach is 323 km from Bangalore
    • Murudeshwar Beach is 455 km North West of Bangalore
    • Gokarna Beach is 486 km North West of Bangalore

  • Q. Which markets are famous for shopping in Bangalore?

    • Residency Road – City’s oldest shopping hub for handicrafts has government and private emporiums selling unusual handcrafted products at reasonable prices.
    • Marathahalli – Factory outlets of large brands are stretched out on Varthur road that is frequented regularly by youngsters.
    • Commercial Street – Crowded but popular shopping area for clothes, accessories, shoes, real and costume jewelry, cosmetics and street food.
    • Chickpet – Bangalore’s old wholesale market is best for traditional Indian clothes at wholesale prices though you may be pushed to buy more quantity for better discounts.
    • Brigade Road – Shops on the footpath sell a wide variety of items from t-shirts to books, leather items, watches, shoes, costume jewelry etc.
    • If you are looking for branded clothes, electronics or other expensive objects then it is best to explore shopping malls like Orion Malls, Mantri Square, Phoenix Market city etc.

  • Q. Which are some best restaurants in Bangalore?

    Premium fine dine restaurants: 

    • High Ultra Lounge in Malleshwaram for Japanese, Thai, Korean and Chinese cuisine
    • Windmills Craftworks in Whitefield for American and Indian cuisine
    • Skyye in UB City for Continental cuisine
    • Shiro in UB City for Japanese and Asian cuisine
    • Spice Terrace JW Marriott Lavelle Road for North India and seafood cuisine


    Top casual dining restaurants:

    • The Square – Novotel at Marathahalli for Continental, Indian, Japanese and Italian food
    • Saffron on Palace Road for Asian and Indian food
    • Bene at Sheraton on Malleshwaram for Italian and European food
    • Barbeque Nation, JP Nagar for Indian, European and Mediterranean cuisine
    • Yatai on Palace Road for Japanese Sushi Asian food

  • Q. How can I experience best nightlife in Bangalore?

    The city has its share of pubs and nightclubs and the most popular among them are:

    • Skyye on 16th Floor of UB City that allows you to enjoy the view of city skyline after a tiring bout of dancing
    • Loft 38 to 100 Feet Indira Nagar
    • The Big Pitcher on Old Airport Road
    • Barleyz – The Brew House
    • Zuri in Whitefield that offers free entry to couples
    • White Pebble is the city’s favourite haunt
    • Eclipse in Leela Galleria
    • Sutra in Lalit Ashok
    • Ice Bar at Taj Vivanta
    • No Limits Lounge
    • Humming Tree.
    • Also, check the exotic new year events in Bangalore to rock this New Year.

  • Q. Which are some distinct cafes in Bangalore?

    Before Café Coffee Day and Kalmane Coffee set up its outlets in the city there have several cafes in Bangalore that remain favorite haunts of locals till date like:

    • Smoke House Deli – Indiranagar
    • Art Blend Café – HSR Layout
    • Beans Café – Koramangala for its distinct cakes
    • Homemade Café - Koramangala for its beautiful green ambience
    • Dyu Art Café – Koramangala for art, coffee and inspiration
    • Café Noir – UB City for French finger food
    • Matteos on Brigade Road for busy shoppers
    • Café Max at Goethe Institute on CMH Road
    • Courtyard Café on KH Road for light food and games

  • Q. Where can we have the best street food in Bangalore?

    Besides the regular dosa, idli, vada, pani-puri and chaat options, every popular shopping in Bangalore has its own street food outlets that offer snack options from across the nation and China too! Some of the popular restaurant chains for serving street food are:

    • Shiv Sagar
    • Adyar Anand Bhavan
    • Udupi hotels
    • Taaza Thindi

    Popular local eat-out zones in bangalore are :

    • Brahmin’s Coffee Bar in Basavanagudi for typical South Indian fare
    • Central Tiffin Room in Malleshwaram for South Indian delicacies and coffee
    • VV Puram Food Street for wide variety of street food options ranging from snacks and ice creams to tempting rice delicacies
    • Puchka at Marathahalli for delicious hot dogs and chat items
    • Hari’s Sandwich Zone in Jayanagar for its signature chocolate sandwich
    • Khan Saheb grills and Rolls in Indira Nagar for roasted and fried seafood and kebab

  • Q. Which places are good for Long - Drives near Bangalore?

    Popular locations that one can head out to for a long drive outside the city are:

    • Nandi Hills – Just 60 km from the city and you are atop a hill that virtually floats in clouds
    • Bheemeshwari – Just 105 km to laze beside the tranquil river with several food options at hand
    • Ramanagar – Just 47 km for adventure sports or just to explore temples
    • Anthargange – Just 70 km for exploration of local mountains and caves
    • Shivanasamudra – Just 130 km is popular for coracle boating and waterfalls of Gaganchukki and Barachukki
    • Sangama – 100 km is located at confluence of Arkavathi and Cauvery rivers

  • Q. Which are some good homestays options available near Bangalore?

    Here are some famous home stay near Bangalore:

    • Angana – The Country Inn Kanakapura Road
    • Aditya Orchards – Kanakapura Road
    • Compact Stately homes – Old Airport road HAL
    • Casablanca – Co living home in Koramangala
    • Aura Corporate suites in Manyata Tech park
    • The White House in Koramangala
    • Geese Haven Homestay and Farm in Kalikamba Temple Road Somanahalli
    • Abids Vinkas Homestay in BTM Layout for serviced apartments
    • Mel’s Service Apartments in Kodihalli Main Road

  • Q. Which are some famous pubs in Bangalore?

    Bangalore has been famous for its pubs largely because several of them brew their own craft beer so here are the most popular pubs in Bangalore:

    • Arbor Brewing Company or ABS located on Brigade Road offers both American and Continental food
    • Monkey Bar in Indiranagar is popular for its cocktail combinations and snazzy snacks
    • Watson’s with outlets in Ulsoor, JP Nagar and Vasanthnagar is one of the oldest brands
    • Toit at 100 Feet Indira Nagar for delectable range of brews and appetizers
    • The Irish House at Whitefield has interesting range of cocktails, martinis, margaritas, mojitos and daiquiris to explore along with community meals for groups.
    • Skyee City bar in UB City with alfresco setting and fancy lighting
    • District 6 in Malleshwaram with its own brewery serves European and Asian cuisine.

  • Q. Which are some famous jungle lodges near Bangalore?

    • Bandipur Safari Lodge in Bandipur is at 220 km
    • Water Woods in Heggada Devana is at 202 km
    • Kabini River Lodge at 223 km is located inside Nagarhole National park
    • Red Earth Kabini at 200 km in HD Kote Taluk of Mysore
    • Bheemeshwari Adventure and Nature Camp at 100 km
    • Galibore Nature camp at 100 km is located at base of Cauvery River
    • Bannerghatta Nature camp at 23 km
    • De Rock Masinagudi is 237 km
    • Gorukana at BR Hills is 182 km