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Traveller Tales from Chikmagalur


Jitender Chattopadhyay

29 June 2015

It really matters what you are expecting from the spot. Best time is go just after rainy season to enjoy fog & green carpet over the mountain. Good trekking area. We saw few peacocks crossing road and ...

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Rajinder Butt

15 August 2014

Kudremukh is an amazing peak and so far I had just heard about this place but finally I get to see it. Amazing place - loved the trekking experience. What an experience. I'm going again.

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Rameshwar Bharadwaj

17 March 2016

Chikmagalur is a paradise for nature lovers. This is a place that one can sit back and relax. I wanted to take a relaxing weekend away so chose to stay in the estates. It was a worthy and amazing exper...

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Deepti Hegde

14 May 2017

This homestay is at the top of the hill and a maximum of 12-15 people can be accommodated at a time . You feel at one with nature and can sit watching the hills for ever . The couple who host this plac...

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28 June 2017

It was my first trekking and it was just amazing, Drizzling monsoon, Greenish hills, Amazing views. When to visit, I would suggest any time between june to november, You wont get tired much in these ...

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Chandraayan Patel

28 December 2015

kudremukh has always been my favorite trekking destinations. and as usual it was a wonderful trip. surrounded by greenry and clouds so refreshing and peaceful

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Jyoti Baid

09 March 2017

"it was a nice breezy trek "

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Gautami Varman

17 March 2016

Kudremukh Trekking Trail, Chikmagalur is one of the best and the nice treks that you can take in Karnataka. The Kudremukh Trek is amazing and spell bounding. The whole Chikmagalur is a paradise for nat...

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Chandraketu Bharadwaj

28 May 2015

Mallaynagiri hills are beautiful, just no further words to describe the immense beauty of the region. There is a temple of Lord Shiva also located at the summit point, during some festival this site is...

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What You Should Know More About Chikmagalur

  • Q. Where is Chikmagalur located? How can I reach Chikmagalur from Bangalore?

    Chikmagalur is located in the Chikamagaluru district along the foothills of the Mullayanagiri range in the Indian state of Karnataka.


    You can reach Chikmagalur from Bangalore via road either by your private car or public buses available every 30-60 minutes. The distance between Chikmagalur and Bangalore is 242.9 km and your journey will take 3.5 to 5 hours.

  • Q. What is the best time to visit Chikmagalur for a vacation?

    Best known as the ‘Coffee Land of Karnataka’ is a popular tourist spot attracting tourists throughout the year. The best time to visit Chikmagalur is between the months of September to March.


    During these months the weather is moderate and you will enjoy in sightseeing activities. The pleasant and cool climate during these months make up for tourist season, however you can take a trip during monsoons to considering this place is always lovely.

  • Q. What all should I carry while visiting Chikmagalur for holiday?

    The most important items to carry on a holiday to Chikmagalur are:

    • Mosquito repellants
    • Hats
    • Sunglasses
    • Sunscreens
    • Warm clothes
    • First aid kit
    • Tickets and itinerary
    • Medical requirements
    • Sports shoes

  • Q. Is it safe to travel to Chikmagalur?

    Chikmagalur is located in the state of Karnataka which is comparatively a safe state to travel and the crime rate is generally low. The locals are friendly and you will be able to engage yourself in different activities without any hassles.


    However, it is recommended to always exercise due caution when travelling to isolated locations.

  • Q. I am woman visiting Chikmagalur alone? Will I be safe?

    Chikmagalur is one of the safest destinations for women travelers in India. The state of Karnataka has one of the lowest crime rates in the country and you should be fine even if you are traveling alone.


    However to be on a safer side, we suggest you to dress conservatively and not go out alone at nights or isolated locations by yourself.

  • Q. Is Chikmagalur a good weekend getaway option from Bangalore?

    Chikmagalur is an excellent location to venture out on weekends from Bangalore. With its pleasant climate and its picturesque landscapes favorable for trekking and sightseeing across its coffee plantations and green velvety hills, it is an ideal getaway option for both family and friends and you will enjoy a lot with your group in this amazing tourist destination.

  • Q. What are the different activities one can do in Chikmagalur?

    Chikmagalur is one of those tourist attractions known for its heritage spots, water attractions, adventurous activities, wildlife safaris and unique nature themes. There is something for everyone while you are in Chikmagalur and you will not have one spare moment.


    So whether you are one of those bold adventure junkies or the silent brooding nature lovers, Chikmagalur will delight you with the plethora of activities which it offers.

    There are a range of activities which you should not miss in Chikmagalur-

    • Rafting
    • Golfing
    • Trekking
    • Cycling
    • Temple and sightseeing tour etc.

  • Q. Can we go to Chikmagalur for a family vacation?

    Yes, Chikmagalur is a brilliant tourist spot for families. The resorts are family friendly and the number of activities makes for an interesting excursion around the blue hills and lush green forests.


    Children will enjoy the adventure activities and you will be going with memories you will cherish for a long time after a vacation in Chikmagalur.

  • Q. What is the ideal duration for a holiday in Chikmagalur?

    Your trip to Chikmagalur can be easily completed in a couple of days where you can explore trekking, wildlife safaris, camping and other adventure activities


     It is better you select a holiday package depending upon the time and money you wish to spend on different activities. Also take your budget into consideration while planning a trip to Chikmagalur.

  • Q. What are some famous tourist attractions in Chikmagalur?

    The most popular places for tourists visiting Chikmagalur are:

    • Kudremukh National Park
    • Baba Budangiri (DattaPeeta)
    • Hebbe Falls
    • Kemmangundi
    • Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary
    • Sharadamba Temple
    • Kalhatti Falls
    • Coffee Museum
    • Bhadra Dam
    • Manikyadhara Falls
    • Kadambi Falls
    • SringeriSharadaPeetha
    • Mullayanagiri

  • Q. What adventure activities can be done in Chikmagalur?

    With so many fun filled activities, a retreat to Chikmagalur is sure to get your adrenaline pumping with its historical spots, marvelous waterfalls and the brilliant sights of the mountains and waterfalls.


    If you like extreme adventures, Chikmagalur is the place which you should check off first from your bucket list.

    You can undertake the following activities in Chikmagalur:

    • Camping
    • Trekking
    • Adventure cycling
    • Coffee plantation tour etc.

  • Q. Which are some highest peaks in Chikmagalur for trekking?

    If wandering amidst the forests, listening to the chirping sounds of birds and counting stars in the sky during the night defines your dream adventure excursion, then Chikmagalur is one of the best spots to make this dream of yours come true.


    Chikmagalur is an ideal location for undertaking trekking to the hills. The highest peaks here for trekking are:

    • Mullayanagiri
    • Kemmagundi
    • Kumara parvatha
    • Kudremukh

  • Q. Can we do Kemmanagundi Trekking in Chikmagalur? What is special about it?

    Yes, you can do Kemmanagundi Trekking in Chikmagalur to explore the beauty of Western Ghats. The trek includes camping, bonfire and a visit to Hebbe Falls with an excellent opportunity to discover the coffee plantations in the backdrop of a serene landscape.


    The beautiful waterfall located between the green hills and dark forests makes the trek unforgettable. The trek is known for its captivating beauty and a tranquilizing experience amidst the nature which will de-stress you as you engage in this adventurous activity.

  • Q. Can we trek to Kudremukh in Chikmagalur? How difficult is it?

    The Kudremukh trek in Chikmagalur is an exciting activity for a delightful experience to explore the majestic landscapes. The difficulty level of this trek is from moderate to difficult. It is one of the most beautiful treks of South India and an ideal place to tramp in the wild.


    The trail offers some breathtaking vistas of the lush green valleys and the verdant meadows of the Western Ghats. There is also an opportunity to witness an enchanting waterfall as you cherish the experience in such a great landscape.

  • Q. Can we visit Coffee Plantations in Chikmagalur? What is special about it?

    Yes, you can definitely enjoy a Coffee Plantation tour when in Chikmagalur. It includes a homestay at a coffee estate where you can explore the coffee plantations and spend time amidst the nature.


    Chikmagalur is popularly known as the Coffee Land of Karnataka and an awesome destination to enjoy the aroma of coffee while trekking around the coffee plantations.

  • Q. Can we do camping in Chikmagalur? Which are some famous campsites?

    Yes, camping is one of the most exciting activities which you can do in Chikmagalur. The famous campsites around Chikmagalur are Mullayanagiri Mountain, Thirumaleguppi, Hirumaraguppi, Bababudangiri and Kemmanagundi.

  • Q. What kinds of tents will be there? What sort of food facility during camping?

    Your accommodation during camping will be arranged in dorm tents. During camping, you will be offered meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Both vegetarian and non-vegetarian options are available.

  • Q. Are there any famous temples to see in Chikmagalur?

    Yes, there are many famous temples where you can explore the beauty of Chikmagalurthey are:

    • Sharadamba Temple
    • SringeriSharadaPeetha
    • Amruteshwar Temple
    • Vidyashankara Temple
    • KodandaRamaswamy Temple

  • Q. Are there any wildlife tours in Chikmagalur?

    Chikmagalur is an interesting location for undertaking wildlife tours. It is ideal for families, couples and backpackers to tour amidst the wilderness. The famous wildlife tours are offered at Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary.


    These tours are best way to see the exotic natural beauty and discover these wildlife species. Nature lovers are bound to be in awe of this wildlife tour as you embark upon an ideal nature escapade.

  • Q. Which are some famous resorts to stay in Chikmagalur?

    Chikmagalur is known for its scenic beauty which is unparalleled to most of the places. The verdant greenery will just take your breath away as you indulge in sightseeing in Chikmagalur.


    So the best way to cherish these experiences is by picking the resort which allows you to fulfill your travel goals in Chikmagalur.

    Some of the most famous resorts for staying in Chikmagalur are:

    • The Serai Resort
    • Winter Greens Resort
    • Eagle Eye resort
    • Jenukallu Resort
    • Tusk and Dawn
    • River Tern Lodge
    • Kalgreen Valley Resort
    • Silent Valley Resort

  • Q. Which are some good homestays options in Chikmagalur?

    Chikmagalur, likewise called the Coffee land of Karnataka is known for its beautiful eminence.

    Homestays in Chikmagalur are fantastic places for a weekend retreat in the serene landscape.


    These homestays are an opportunity to enjoy a laid back time while having fun time with your family. They allow you to enjoy the picturesque landscapes and have a closer interface with nature on your retreat.

     Some of the best homestay options are

    • Nature homestay in Chikmagalur
    • Heritage Stay in Mudigere
    • Nature Stay in Kemmangundi, Chikmagalur
    • Hill Top Homestay
    • River Tern lodge
    • Hasiru Homestay
    • Scenic Acres Homestay
    • Guddadamane Homestay
    • Mount Homestay
    • Bettadamalali Homestay
    • Greendale Homestay
    • Mountain Valley Homestay
    • Oakridge Homestay
    • Jungle Greens Homestay
    • Bombrukallu Homestay
    • Halliggadde Homestay 
    • Honeyvale Homestay
    • Hunkal Woods Homestay

  • Q. Which restaurants serve local cuisine of Chikmagalur?

    The local cuisine of Chikmagalur which is also known as Malenadu cuisine is famous for its richness and spicy flavors, mainly supplemented by the taste of coconut milk. Rice and fish curry serve as staple items of the local platter in Chikmagalur.


    There are many restaurants where you can enjoy the local cuisine at Chikmagalur. Some of these are:

    • Grand Maharaja Multi Cuisine Family restaurant
    • Food Palace
    • Town Canteen
    • Odyssey, The Serai
    • Coffee Barn Cafe
    • The Estate Cafe

  • Q. Are there sufficient ATMs in Chikmagalur?

    Yes, there are plenty of ATMs in Chikmagalur of various banks like State Bank of Mysore, State Bank of India, ICICI Bank, Canara Bank, Corporation Bank, Axis Bank etc.

  • Q. How to deal with any medical emergency we might face in Chikmagalur? Is there any hospital?

    There are many institutions in Chikamagalur in case you face any medical emergency. Some of the hospitals are Ashraya Hospital, Malnad Hospitals, Anuradha Hospital etc.

  • Q. Is smoking/drinking legal in Chikmagalur?

    Yes, there are many resorts where you can indulge in smoking or drinking in Chikmagalur. So if you are 18 or above, there is no restriction on drinking/smoking. However, it is advisable to check with the resort/restaurant where you are.


    Smoking/drinking is strictly prohibited when you are going for trekking or engaging in any other adventure activities.

  • Q. Which are famous waterfalls in Chikmagalur?

    Arranged in the valley of the tallest peaks in Karnataka, the surroundings of Chikmagalur have numerous little and enormous waterfalls in the midst of wilderness.


    Along with trekking and offering picturesque landscapes, Chikmagalur is one of the hottest destinations for seeing waterfalls. The best waterfalls in Chikmagalur are: