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Traveller Tales from Kolad


Deeptimay Jain

11 November 2015

An amazing experience. For the first time, I got the chance of river rafting and I loved it alot. Thanks you my lovely friends for insisting me to go on this trip.

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Charuvrat Ahluwalia

12 January 2016

amazing rafting experience. The flow in the river was so fast and sometimes we really felt that we will fall of the boat, but the instructors and guide were so good in managing it during the rough flow

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Dhanadeepa Gandhi

11 January 2016

It was a perfect day in Kolad and while rafting we got to witness the magical beauty of the region too. It was somewhere like a full proof package of fun, thrill and adventure.

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Vishnu Rana

10 December 2015

Though we all had a doubt about the arrangements as we booked the package only a few days before the commencing date, we were really delighted after arriving the site. Whatever was promised, was there....

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Kartik Khanna

12 December 2015

I went with my family and friends and Had an awesome experience with them. Although we did all the activities available there but everything was just overshadowed by the white water rafting. It is a gr...

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Charuchandra Patil

06 January 2016

i am a water sports lover and have tried almost all the water sports. frankly telling you guys, this was the best river rafting experience i have ever had. go for it without giving it a single thought.

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Anal Pothuvaal

31 December 2015

it was so amazing...never thought would ever get a chance of river drafting in India...but this trip made it possible..really thank you so much people...

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Gajabahu Dubashi

06 January 2016

gud 1. lvd the boat ride. the stream were so powerful. will definitely recommend that you carry extra clothes with you, because you are gonna get too wet there.

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Vaijayanthi Talwar

04 June 2016

After a lively camping experience on the first day, we got to raft on the second day. And must admit that it was too good. Within such a short time, nothing can beat white water rafting with stay near

What You Should Know More About Kolad

  • Q. About The Destination

    Located on the banks of Kundalika River, Kolad is a small village in Maharashtra. Mainly known for river rafting, Kolad is the first railway station on Konkan Railway line. As Kolad is a small village, it is maintained by Gram Panchayat. You will not find five star hotels and skyscrapers in Kolad, but you will definitely find peace and adventure there. If you are looking for a peaceful weekend away from the chaos of the cities you dwell in, Kolad is definitely your next destination.

    Kolad is all about river rafting. If you haven’t tried this adventurous sport yet, you should definitely visit Kolad in the months of June to March. Apart from rafting, you can try your hands on rappelling and rock climbing. Kolad is there to offer you an awesome weekend full of adventure and excitement.

    You will witness a varied climate in Kolad throughout the year. Summer months are generally hot and humid followed by heavy downpour during the monsoon. But the winters there are not chilling. It is pretty pleasant out there during the winters.

    If you love doing camps at night, Kolad is definitely there to impress you. Besides camping, you can stay in small resorts in the lap of nature. Kolad is a perfect refuge from your hectic schedule.

    There are a lot of places to visit in Kolad. Some of them are Kuda Caves, Kolad Dam, Tala Fort, Kanal Avenue, Devi Kedar Janai Hill and many more. We shall be discussing them in details.

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • Kolad is a small village with not much rush. Still, you need to protect yourself from different threats such as theft.

    • You should carry snacks and water with you as there are not many stores in Kolad.

    • Along with food and water, you should take your medicines and a first aid box too. You never know when you will be requiring them.

    • While rafting, take utmost care of yourself. There are experts to help you out but you need to protect yourself too. Know the rules of the sport very well before getting in the water.

    • Keep the contact information of a doctor in Kolad with you. You won’t find many doctors in the village, so get prepared before- hand.

  • Q. Drinking Laws

    The liquor consumption age in Maharashtra has been raise to 25 years. If you are younger, you are not allowed to take hard drinks. In some districts, a special liquor licence is required to consume alcohol legally.

  • Q. Our Recommendations- Things You Can’t Afford To Miss?

    White Water Rafting 
    Are you looking for the best of your adventure experiences? You should definitely visit Kolad and go for white water rafting in Kundalika River. The 14 km stretch with ups and downs will drive you crazy during rafting. Monsoon is the best time to go for this wonderful sport.

    Ghosala Fort
    Maharashtra is famous for forts. You get to see so many forts across the state, Kolad is not an exception. There are few temples and a dargah too inside the fort. The architectural design is mesmerizing.

    Bhira Dam
    This is a dam on Kundalika River built by Tata Power. The water of the dam is used for power generation and irrigation purposes. This dam is also known as Tata Power House Dam. 

    Tamhini Ghat Waterfalls
    These waterfalls are a great example of nature’s beauty. These are no less than the Western Ghats during monsoon. These places are almost untouched and unexplored as none knows much about them. Nearby, there are Kansai Waterfalls and Uddhar Hot Springs. Tamhini Waterfalls is also known as Valse. The falls are generally visited in the monsoon months as the amount of water increases. 

    Kuda Caves
    These Buddhist caves are in the Janjira Hills. There are fifteen caves, inside which you can see ancient paintings and inscriptions.

    Tala Fort
    This is a place which is not explored much till date. This fort was built to use it as a watch tower. Its height is almost 1000 ft. above the sea level.

    Sutarwadi Lake
    If birds and wildlife fascinates you, you must visit Sutarwadi Lake. This beautiful place surrounded by greenery all around is a home to a varied species of birds. 

    Other places near Kolad
    There are some divine places to visit, not much far away from Kolad. 31 km away from Kolad, there is Raigad Fort. This fort at 2700 ft. above the sea level, was made the capital by Shivaji. To reach the fort, you need to climb up 1700 steps approximately. If you are fond of beaches, you can visit Kashid which is around 30 km away from Kolad and consist of beautiful beaches on the shores of Arabian sea. Overall, Kolad is a complete tour package.

  • Q. What Will You Like There?

    Greenery: Kolad is all about lush greens and picturesque landscapes wherever you look. It’s one of the best gifts of nature to Maharashtra. This place is still unexplored to some extent which keeps it untouched and pure.

    The river:
    Kolad is mainly known due to its waterfalls and the river Kundalika. It is one of the few white water rivers in India which offers you great experiences of white water rafting. 

    Silence all around:
    As Kolad is just a small village between the Sahyadri mountain range, not many tourists visit the place which helps it to maintain its purity. Unlike the famous tourist spots, you won’t find much chaos here which will give you a peaceful holiday. 

    As mentioned earlier, Kolad is famous for white water rafting. But there are a lot more options you can choose from to experience adventure such as rappelling, rock climbing, trekking and forest camping.

    Kolad has a very appealing weather. You must visit Kolad in the monsoons to witness the best of nature. River rafting during the monsoon is so much fun. Winters are also very comforting with not much cold like rest of the state. 

    The small village is also known for a number of waterfalls and few lakes which are the dwelling places of large varieties of birds. Kingfishers, eagles and hornbills are so common in River Kundalika. If you love bird-watching, you should definitely plan a trip to Kolad. 

  • Q. Recommended Reads For Destination

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