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Traveller Tales from Lavasa-1


Karen Sharma

13 March 2017

Tucked amidst the surrounding hills, a linguistic description of Camp Temgarh will do it very little justice. Only a visit to this serene place will satisfy the longing, wandering soul of a city-dwelle...


Bhushan Deshpande

15 May 2016

My Mind is blown! I went to this stay experience with my partner and we were both extremely happy with the gorgeous tents situated in the middle of nowhere! Beauty at its best.


Tanushri Shah

20 March 2016

This is definitely the place that childhood should be made of. Loved the ambeince of this place and we could not have asked for a better way to spend our weekend with our family away from the city. We ...


Baalaaditya Khanna

23 October 2015

The peaceful ambience here gave us the perfect chance to bask in nature. The camp has many activities that you can do over the weekend and is the ideal vacation spot for a short weekend for anyone who


Tanay Shah

10 November 2015

Test review from development team


Shresthi Bandopadhyay

24 September 2015

Segway is a new mode of transportation on a self powered and balancing wheel. All you need is to stand and travel. Awesome Trip Guys....


Bhagirathi Namboothiri

18 January 2016

Wao what a cool ride it was!!! I really want to buy a segway now. It is so amazing , all you need to do is just stand and distance of miles will be covered in just few minutes. Neither too speedy nor t...


Aslesha Talwar

14 August 2015

Beautiful hills station near Pune is an ideal location to try out your first segway ride. we stayed there for 2 days and explored almost all remarkable locations.


Ganak Bhattacharya

21 November 2015

Completely an out of the box experience..... For beginners you need to learn how to balance yourself and once you are familiar enough, you will have a great riding experience. I wish i had one.

What You Should Know More About Lavasa-1

  • Q. About the destination

    If you are planning to visit Mumbai or Pune, you must come down to this adventurous and fun filled escapade of Lavasa. Lavasa offers you an array of options in adventure and entertainment. On the other hand, if you prefer a calm and lazy weekend with good food and captivating scenic beauty, Lavasa has that too.

    Lavasa is a planned hill station near Pune, particularly designed to attract tourists. Round the year, the weather there remains moderate and pleasant, making it really soothing for the tourists. Situated in the Western Ghats, Lavasa is truly outstanding with its beautiful hills and greenery all around. Visit the place to witness this heavenly destination.

    If you love adventure, you will simply love Lavasa. You will get an array of options in water sports, trekking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and what not. This planned town has ayurvedic massage centres as well. Therefore, Lavasa is both for adventure enthusiasts and peace-seekers.

    One of the many tempting things in Lavasa is the luxurious stay. The hotels and resorts there are truly comfortable. From budget accommodations to the lavish premium quality resorts, you will get everything there. Here are a few suggestions for you- Mercure, The Waterfront Shaw, Picnic House, Fortune Select Dasve, Ekaant the Retreat, etc.

    If you are a complete foodie and you check the local delicacies of a place first before visiting it, Lavasa is definitely not going to disappoint you. There are innumerable restaurants, bakeries and food stalls in Lavasa. Here are the names of a few of them- Café Coffee Day; Chor Bizarre; Earthen Oven; Krazy Koala; Granma’s Pastries, Sandwiches and Ice creams; Pizzalava, etc. From typical North Indian spicy dishes to not so spicy Italian cuisine- Lavasa has to offer everything to you.

    If you are a party animal and like enjoying after the sun goes off to sleep, Lavasa is definitely your place. The hotels you will be staying in will have a bar along with a disco, which will offer you a happening nightlife. Enjoy a drink while you tap your feet with the beats.

    Shopping is Lavasa is a bit disappointing for the shopaholics as you will not find market places and shopping malls there. Lavasa is solely created for adventure sports and a lazy weekends away from the cacophony of the big cities. The only magnificent stuffs you will get to buy there are the crafts with bamboo.

    The other beautiful nearby destinations that you can visit from Lavasa are Panshet Dam, Velhe and Mulshi.

  • Q. Travel advice:

    • Lavasa, being a manmade town for tourism, has no shopping areas and even big pharmacies. Take your medicines counting the days you want to stay there.

    • If you are visiting during the summers, don’t forget your shades and sunscreen. Similarly, if you are visiting during the winters, take a pretty comfortable sweatshirt. You will not require thick sweaters and jackets there. For the monsoons, you definitely need to carry your umbrella.

    • For trekking, you need to carry walking shoes and a pair of thick jeans.

    • Book your accommodation before coming down to Lavasa as the place receives a lot of tourists round the year.

    • If you are an adventure enthusiast, follow the rules while going for water sports. Never risk your life for fun.

    • Lavasa is always filled with tourists from all over the world. Don’t trust everyone and avoid the over- friendly ones.

    • Lavasa is known for a fantastic nightlife. But you need to drink responsibly.

    • Keep an eye on the children. The hilly areas might turn slippery due to rain or dew.

  • Q. Drinking laws

    The drinking law in Maharashtra is pretty strict. They are listed here below:

    • Wine is allowed only if you are 18 or more;

    • Beer is allowed only if you are 21 or more;

    • Other liquors are allowed only if you are 25 or more;

    • Arrack is completely banned in Maharashtra.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What You Can’t Afford To Miss?

    Temghar Dam

    This is a beautiful place to visit which is a magnificent collaboration between god and man. The dam is built on Mutha River. The entire ambience is serene and enchanting. The water of the dam is mainly used for irrigation in the nearby villages. You will love the spellbinding charisma of the place.  

    Indoor Golf Recreational and Learning Centre

    If you love playing golf or haven’t tried yet, you must visit Indoor Golf Recreational and Learning Centre. The place is created with a lot of advanced technology which will leave you mesmerized. There is no age bar to enter the centre. Take your kids there and you never know if he/she grows a liking for this interesting sport. The charges are Rs. 500 for an hour.

    Bamboo craft factory- Bamboosa

    If you have an inclination towards art and crafts, you must visit Bamboosa- a factory with a showroom of handcrafted bamboo products. The artistic bamboo crafts will surely make you lose a lot of your money with its beauty and you will end up buying a bag full of them. Decorate your living room with an artistic bamboo showpiece to change the look of an empty corner or a bamboo photo frame on your textured wall. You can even buy sofas, chairs and other furniture. Bamboosa is a local corporation initiative to generate employment.

    Warasgaon Lake

    This beautiful lake offers you an array of options in water sports like jet skiing, kayaking, cruise tour, etc. If you are looking forward to do something special with your special person, go for paddling boats. The romantic boat ride on the lake is a good way of spending a quality time. For the adventure enthusiasts, kayaking is such a great option. On the other hand, if you are looking forward to spend a family time, you can choose cruising.

    Xthrill Adventure Academy

    This is a centre which organises adventurous activities for you in the enchanting hills of Lavasa. You will get air conditioned tents for your comfortable stay, packed with thrilling activities like rappelling, rock climbing, trekking, mountain biking, treasure hunt, valley crossing, archery, rifle shooting, hiking, ATV, and many more. This academy is a great place to boost your adrenaline rush.

  • Q. What you will like here?


    Lavasa is a perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of the cities. The ambience is serene which will surely soothe you with its calmness. Pack your bags and come down to Lavasa to spend a refreshing weekend.

    Hotels and resorts

    The hotels and resorts built strategically on the sprawling expanse of Lavasa overpower any other thing in this bewitching hill station. The hotels are cosy and comfortable and give you a homelike stay. The food courts in the hotels serve great foods which will surely be a treat for your taste buds.


    Lavasa is a place bundled with serenity and adventure in a single package. The adventure sports- be it on water or on hilly terrains, are truly thrilling. Check your fitness quotient by trying them all.

    Spas and wellness centres

    Spas and massages are very comforting for your tired mind and body. Rejuvenate your soul by getting a good body massage in the excellent spas in Lavasa. Many hotels and resorts are having a spa and massage centre of their own. You can choose to stay in those hotels too.

    Yoga centres

    Yoga is believed to heal ailing mind and body in the most natural way. Try yoga and meditation in the centres in Lavasa to heal you. You will love the yoga sessions for sure.

    Segway ride

    Segway is a battery operated ride on which you can go on Lavasa tour. This self- balancing ride might not seem easy to you at first but there are professional instructors to guide you. Once mastered, nothing is as fascinating as this eco-friendly ride. The charge is Rs. 300 for one Segway.


    If you are in a mood to travel in this Christmas holidays, head to Lavasa to enjoy it in their way. Parties are organised by the locals and hotel authorities during the Christmas and New Year.  A women ride is organised in February every year to spread cancer awareness which starts from Mumbai and ends in Lavasa.

  • Q. Recommended Reads For The Destination


    Visit Lavasa!