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Traveller Tales from Madikeri



14 February 2017

"Fantastic experience!! We went in the summer(may) , still the weather was very pleasant and cloudy. Spending 1 day among those hills without any gadgets has given me a lifetime memory. The weather has...

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Raveena Ravindran

28 March 2017

"AMAZING place and experience... the organizer and the property where the base camp was there was just worth every penny... nature, thrill and satisfaction is guaranteed????????"

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Tushar Dubashi

09 November 2015

There is an amazing thing about this place and we simply loved it. Frnds, open jeep and beautiful locations to chill out. Isse zyada aur kya chahiye !!

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naveen vege

08 October 2016

"it's an awesome experience staying in nature camp unforgettable coorg \n"


Ashlesh Somayaji

03 June 2016

We were planning an off-road thingy for so long, but only I drive and the rest of my friends couldn’t drive a jeep or car, so it would be difficult to actually take a trip all by ourselves. When we too...


Deeptimay Asan

27 November 2015

Coorg is exceptionally beautiful and I'm glad that there exists trip like these that help us in touring and relishing the night beauty of this place. Loved the entire experience. The place is damn beau...


Gayatri Bhattacharya

06 August 2015

Lovely trip..all we friends decided to do something new this time and somebody popped up with this Jeep ride to Nishani hills...I am in just love with the entire region. Great adventure ride...and amaz


Aarya Agarwal

02 July 2015

This was one of my best road trips...Amazing experience! Great place, and what a beauty...Loved every bit of it.


Devagya Jain

23 July 2015

Nothing can beat the beauty of Coorg and trekking through this stunning region was a taste of paradise in paradise. Great place, loved the climate and camping was the best part. This was my first campi...

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What You Should Know More About Madikeri

  • Q. Madikeri

    A small hill station situated in Karnataka, and the capital of Coorg, it is also called Mercara. It was originally named after the king Muddurajakeri of Kodagu. It is also known as the Scotland of India for its green pastures and pleasant weather. Coorg has been one of the most popular tourist hill stations in India. You can smell the pleasant aromas of coffee and visit forts, tombs, and waterfalls in this place. Coorg has a distinct culture. The people of Madikeri, Coorg follow the Kodava culture. Their dress, festivals, and rituals belong to the ancient culture of Coorg, and has not changed in the modern times.

    They belong to the ethnicity of the warrior caste in India. They are nature worshippers, and unlike many other regions in India, do not celebrate all the festivals in the Hindu calendar. Madikeri is trekker’s Eden. Nature lovers, and those who love solitude and tranquility can visit Madikeri, Coorg for at least a week stay. You can go sightseeing, take Jeep safaris, and adventurous sports available in Madikeri. This hill station has coffee plantations, and is a rich mix of vegetation, history, culture, and distinct cuisine. You can relish on pork and other meat delicacies served with rice.

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • You can get here by road, rail, and air.

    • You can find hotels of mid range to luxury budgets.

    • Once you reach this place you can take taxi to run errands for sightseeing in and around the hill station.

    • The weather is usually cool and breezy throughout the year.

    • Get your sports gear and sleeping bags if you are up for outdoor activities.

    • You can either travel from Mysore or Banglore to Coorg.

    • Carry warm clothes along with you, as this place is situated at a higher altitude.

    • If you are travelling during summer, carry sunscreen, shades, and headgear along with you

    • Since, this is a hilly area, wear shoes that have a good grip. Avoid wearing high heels and flip flops.

    • Ensure that you have storage space in your baggage to carry the aromatic coffee and spices from this place.

    • Carry a camera, so you can capture the most scenic moments at this place.

    • This place has movement of elephant herds and you must be careful to watch yourself when taking walking trails in any area of this hill station.

  • Q. Tipping

    Tipping rules here are the same as that of any other region in India. Most of the food is served at the resorts. You can follow the standard tipping etiquette when dining at the resorts.

  • Q. Drinking Law

    Coorg serves alcohol. Make sure that you do not carry it along with you while leaving Madikeri. Avoid drinking before taking up adventurous and outdoor activities.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    Outdoor activities
    People usually choose this place for rappelling, mountain safaris, adventures, camping, water rafting at Barapole, taking plantation trails in the coffee fields, bird watching at leisure, and more. Madikeri is a place in Coorg where you can find more than 1000 species of birds as you visit the places nearby. 

    Abbi falls
    Waterfalls are a pleasant view. There is something about sightseeing water bodies that is always a spiritual experience and has a calming effect. This waterfall joins the Kaveri River. It is easier to drive in cars up to the entrance of these waterfalls and take a dive in the nearby water body. 

    Tombs and forts
    Visit the Raja’s seat during sunset and enjoy the spectacular sunset at this place. You will also see this place adjoined by Blue Mountains adding to the beauty of this place. Visit the 17th Century old Madikeri Fort and get a view of the Mudduraja’s architectural delights. Also, take a tour of the Raja’s and Gaddige Tomb to get a complete insight into the life and lifetime of this king after whose name this place has been cited.

    Temples and camps
    Omkareshwar temple has a unique architecture and is built in Mohammedan style.  There is a large tank that overlooks this temple. This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva and is closed in the afternoon. You can visit this temple in the morning as early as 6.30am and late in the evening as late as 8.00pm. You can also visit the Bhagamandala temple which is a confluence of three rivers in Karnataka. This temple is dedicated to Lord Vishu, Subramanya, Ishwara, and Ganesha. The Dubbare Elephant camp is also an interesting place for family picnic and taking boat rides.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Sightseeing and trekking
    There are more than three spots for starting outdoor activities; something that Coorg has always been famous for. You can enjoy long walking trials and trekking in places like Brahmagiri, Pushpagiri, and Nishanimotte. 

    Mid range
    You don’t have to shell out a lot of cash when you visit Madikeri in Coorg. You can have the most delightful adventurous, serene, and spiritual experience without burning your pockets when you visit this place. All the hotels offer mid rage prices for staying and dining. Most of the restaurants have a bar attached and you can get a taste of the local liquor. If you love relishing on Pork, you will find the best of this cuisine at most of the restaurants. Vegetarians too can find a hotel or two for themselves when staying at Madikeri.

    Religious and cultural delight
    This place has a unique history. For those who have a zeal for history, culture, and architecture, you can take temple and tomb tours in and around Madikeri. 

    Road trials and wildlife
    If you love walking amidst greenery and love the wild life, you will be amazed at what this place has to offer. You can also get a peek into the Tibetan art present at the Golden Temple. At the Fauna Nagarhole National Park you can find humongous species of wild animals like deers, parakeets, reptiles, bears, eagles, jackals, and many other species of birds and animals. 

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination

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    Madikeri TripAdvisor Forum

    Books :
    Coorg: The Land of the Kodavas by Jeanette Isaac and John Isaac