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Traveller Tales from Nashik


Harshad M

31 July 2016

Well maintained, nice managed and good food with personal attention. It is located in natural beauty and best times is during monsoon and winter season. It is advised to plan weekend here anytime. Er


Govinda Pandey

13 August 2015

Vine touring is famous these days, and yes this is actually great at Nashik, I forced my boyfriend to take me to this place as my college buddies had been there already and were praising like anything....


Lakshminath Iyer

13 January 2016

It was a very delightful experience for our group. The trek guides kept us informed about the terrains and also made the hikes easy for us by giving some simple tips. The beauty of the Harihargad Fort ...


Aatmaja Arora

27 November 2015

It was a nice trek. Being in Nashik on a vacation, we decided to take this. Although we knew the place in and out we wanted to go with professionals as it was about trekking and we were happy to have d...


Tanushri Bhattathiri

18 October 2015

The place is excellent for couple and with friend. The ambience of resort and garden is quite mesmerizing. The cool breeze helps you relax. The excellent quality of wine tasting and its procedures help


Anjali Malik

18 October 2015

We booked the trek recently. And within a few days, we got to experience it. In addition to the blissful trekking experience, we also enjoyed the views a lot and also had wonderful peaceful moments at


Tanushri Shah

07 September 2015

Wine stay and tasting experience was indeed a new experience for me. I went with family. Wine tasting session was nice. Stayed there and enjoyed different kind of wine on the first floor. Clean air and


Bhramar Patil

18 August 2015

Stunning surroundings, refreshing wine and great hospitality! What more do u need to make a memorable weekend! The place is blissful and definitely takes the cake in providing awe inspiring facilities.


Deepesh Mehrotra

03 August 2015

A purely refreshing and fresh trekking experience in Igatpuri. The views and terrains were really amazing. One thing you will surely enjoy is the climb through the array of 117 steps.

What You Should Know More About Nashik

  • Q. About the destination

    Nashik, a city in Northwest of Maharashtra, is an ancient religious city, and a proud host of Kumbh Mela, which is known to be the World’s Largest Peaceful gathering, which brings crores of people together. Many Hindu religious spots have been attracting pilgrims and tourists to Nashik since decades. Apart from this, another reason why Nashik is worth visiting is because it is a home to some of the best and most successful wineries in the country, including the famous Sula vineyards.

    Nashik is a place you can visit with your parents, family as well as friends, because it has tourist attractions for people of all age groups and preferences too! It is a very welcoming city with positive vibes which will make you feel at home, away from home. It is a place with moderate weather, though it tends to get chilly at nights. It is a perfect destination if you want to go for a long weekend trip with family and friends.

  • Q. Travel Advice

    • The crime rate against tourists in Nashik is relatively low, but it is advised to not step out after 12 pm as the roads are almost deserted, with negligible people around.

    • Do not carry a large amount of hard cash with you and do not wear any expensive jewelry, as it might be a clear invitation to thefts and attacks of streets.

    • Carry your driving license and stay aware of the local traffic rules and speed limits if you are driving by self.

    • If you book a cab, hire a tour guide or book a day sight-seeing or excursion, make sure that you do it through an authorized travel agency so that you do not fall prey to any scams.

    • Do not speak to strangers, and do not accept if they offer you any kind of lift or other help.

    • Carry a city map and make sure that your GPS devices are charged, so that you can keep a track on your movement. Also, save the location of your hotel so that you can get back easily in case you are lost.

    • Learn a few words from the local language (Marathi), so that you are able to have a basic level conversation with the locals.

    • Try to commute by an authorized prepaid taxi and if you do not find it, decide the fare before you take the cab/auto-rickshaw as most of the local drivers do not agree to switch on the tariff meter and you definitely don’t want to get into a brawl when on a vacation.

  • Q. Drinking Laws

    The legal age to consume alcohol in Nashik is 25 years, as per the legal drinking age for the state of Maharashtra.

  • Q. Our Recommendations: What you can’t afford to miss?

    This place is a significant destination for the Hindus because according to legends, Panchavati was a part of the huge forest of Dandakvan, where Lord Rama and Lakshmana spent a significant time of their exile. It is a calm place to enjoy a day in the serene and calm environment. 

    Mythological legends claim that this was the place where Lord Rama used to take a bath during his exile stay in Panchavati. Hence, this is a sacred and holy place for Hindus and a bath here is considered as auspicious.

    Another place of religious importance, Trimbakeshwar is a place which hosts the Shahi Snan(Royal Bath) for the devotees which gather during ‘Kumbh Mela’. Hundreds of devotees from all over Maharashtra come and visit this pilgrimage spot every year.

    Sula Vineyards
    Nasik is not only a holy city, but also has destinations for rejuvenation. Sula Vineyards, a nationally famous winery is a place which attracts a lot of crowd every year, especially during the Sula Wine fest, normally conducted during February. You can visit here and sip on some fine wine, amid the long stretching lush-green grape vines.

    ISKCON Temple
     Dedicated to Sri Radha Madangopal, ISKCON Temple is where you can indulge in and experience the true essence of worship.

    Dadasaheb Phalke Smarak
    A memorial of legendary filmmaker Dadasaheb Phalke, this is a garden which had got beautifully constructed landscape, along with a swimming pool and fun-water slides. So, be it with family or friends, this place will surely allow you to unwind yourself.

  • Q. What you will like there?

    Calm Atmosphere
    Despite Nashik being a developing city with a significant amount of vehicles present, there is minimum chaos and noise pollution and hence, it is an ideal place if you want to visit a city and still experience peace and serenity.
    Cultural blend
    Nashik is a city which is rooted to its culture and traditions and is yet on the path of progress in terms of infrastructure and other facilities. The culture in Nashik is a blend of Maharashtrian, Gujarati and Marwari ethos, as it houses people of these three major communities equally.
    Extensive Grape Vines
    The convenient climatic conditions of Kerala make for the ideal conditions for the growing of the spices. Spices have played a pivotal role in Kerala’s history. Kerala today is one of the leading spice producing states of India. As a tourist, you must definitely visit the spice plantations in Alleppey to check out spices like black pepper and cloves growing.  
    Different dishes like Misal Pav, Khandeshi Food and Chicken Masala are famous in Nashik. Dairy Don ice cream, which is a local ice cream brand is definitely worth trying. Well, the food in Nashik is comparatively spicy and hence, you should specifically mention if you want the food to be non-spicy. 
    Street Shopping
    Nashik has a lot of places for street shopping, one of it being ‘Shalimar’, and area in the heart of the city where you will get everything, right from usual household items to junk jewelry and clothing in your own budget. You will also find some of the best wedding collection outfits in Nashik. Main Road is another area where you can find amazing stuff to buy just while having a stroll.

  • Q. Recommended reads for destination

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