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Traveller Tales from Srinagar


Sheetal Sheetal

18 October 2016

The Kashmir Great Lakes trek is just amazingly beautiful, gorgeous beyond words. everyday it used to get better and beautiful. the pristine lakes, the endless meadows, the scenery, the view of twin lak...

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Deepesh Namboothiri

05 January 2016

kashmir, the haven on earth is my favorite destinations and trekiing there was just like icing on the cake... really enjoyed my trek.. camping was also something I was looking forward to and it turned ...

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Buddhana Asan

16 March 2017

"Srinagar is beautiful more than what we heard. My family also wanted to join the trip but since it was bike trip I could not take them with me. But next season, I will take my whole family also. The e...


Ahalya Reddy

15 November 2015

An absolute treat of a trek passing through the lakes. It was surreal like heaven on earth. Trekking with my friends were fun and the camping and the clear night stars were very beautiful to look at. L


Aarya Ahuja

19 June 2015

Sonamarg is indeed lovely. Kashmir is the unsung beauty of India and we had an amazing time while we were here with all our loved ones. It was truly an awe inspiring experience to traverse through the


Arindam Devar

12 June 2015

Slice or paradise. Kashmir stood true to its name, amazing journey. I just can't get over the fact that something that beautiful is considered as sensitive region. the lakes, the greenery surrounding t


Tanmay Verma

07 May 2015

Forget all the hyped places this place is something that will bee just for you…away from all crowds and people, its so beautiful you won’t feel like coming back.


Anuj Katahara

07 May 2015

If there is a paradise on earth it is this, it is this, it is this…now I believe the person who said it.


Mahesh Kumar

04 May 2015

I won't say it was a long enough. Even though it was of 8 days, every day had something or the other for us. A whole new world of enchanting beauty, gorgeous lakes, beautiful lakes and memorable vistas