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  • Gear up for a memorable holiday in the quaint surroundings of nature by picking one of the beautiful homestays in Paro. Known for offering a tranquil ambience, Paro is a picturesque place where you can enjoy natural beauty at its best. Book our 5 Days Bhutan Tour Package (Flat 14% Off) which covers all major attractions of Paro.

    Surrounded by serene valleys and a beautiful river, homestays in Paro is where you can look forward to have a fantastic vacation, book our 9 Days Bhutan sightseeing Tour Package (Flat 9% Off) to have a beautiful scenic view. Helping you feel closer to the locals and their culture, these homestays  are a great way to explore the foreign lands and enjoy some memorable time. 

    Paro Homestays are famous for their traditional style and offers a glimpse of the rustic charm of Bhutanese lifestyle in the villages. Not only these homestays offer a gamut of modern amenities to make your stay comfortable but also help you take home some beautiful memories to cherish forever.

    Whether you are holidaying with friends or family, these homestays are an ideal way to enjoy time in Paro while feeling at home.
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    Here are the best homestays in Paro listed below :

  • 01Dharma lodge

    Find a home away from home by staying at Dharma Lodge when you are vacationing in Para. One of the most famous homestays in Paro, Dharam Lodge is known to enchant the guests with its panoramic views comprising of the hills and the river.

    Offering a glimpse of the marvelous Tiger’s Nest, Dharma Lodge should be on top of your list if you like to regain some tranquility and peace of mind through your vacation. The hosts are famous for their courteous behavior and warm hospitality helping you soak in one of the best experiences of staying in Paro.

    Location: SatsamChorten, Taktsang Road, Paro, Bhutan

    Activities & Facilities: Parking, Airport transfer, laundry service, restaurant etc.

    Price:  INR 1,500/-

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  • 03Nivvana Lodge & Home Stay

    Offering 15 well appointed rooms to help the travellers enjoy a warm and comfortable holiday, NIvvana Lodge and Homestay is one of the top Paro Homestays. Situated amidst the apple orchards and peach trees, this place boasts of a mesmerising landscape. Offering cozy, comfortable and elegant rooms, Nivvana Lodge & Homestay will help you take back home some amazing memories. 

    Located at a distance from the city, this place is where you can soak in the rustic charm of Paro in the midst of lush green surroundings of the beautiful countryside. The rooms here are equipped with all modern comforts and the welcoming staff here doesn’t fail to charm you with their hospitality.

    Location: SatshamChorten, Paro, Bhutan

    Activities & Facilities: Restaurant, Bar/lounge, Spa services. Free WiFi,Freeself parking,  business centre, a meeting room and dry cleaning are on-site.

    Price: INR 2400
  • 04Homestay - 100 years old

    Encompassed by scenic natural beauty, Homestay-100 years old is one of the most gorgeous homestays in Paro to shortlist for your accommodation. With towering mountains shadowing in the backdrop, this homestay boasts of traditional Bhutanese architecture that will take you to some another time. 

    A popular homestay in Paro, this place has been known for ushering in guests for a memorable holiday being run by different generations of the same family. The rooms boast of simplicity while the hosts are some of the best people in Paro who make sure that you don’t face any hassles during your stay.

    Location: Tshering Farmhouse, Paro, Bhutan

    Activities & Facilities: Meals, Hot Stone Bath, etc.

    Price: N/A

  • 05Sonam's Homestay

    One of the most interesting Sikkim homestays, this place will fascinate you with its exciting features. Surrounded by a surreal landscape of mountains, forests and rivers, Sonam’s homestay is where you can enjoy a comfortable vacation with modern amenities. 

    Sonam’s homestay is famous for its well-appointed rooms and offering many facilities like games, organic food and a library of books to keep you entertained throughout the vacation. The homestay also boasts of a photo beard that has put into pictures the travellers who stayed there in the past.

    Location: Sonam Homestay, Phadamchen, Sikkim

    Activities & Facilities: Parking, room service, doctor on call, power backup etc.

    Price: N/A 
  • 06Namgay Homestay

    Located in the quiet and beautiful farmlands of Paro, Namgay Homestay is one of the popular Paro Homestays. If you are looking for a place that is close to the main city but also offers an escape from the hustle and bustle of cities, Namgay Homestay should be on top your list. The place boasts of serenity and has the river Dop-chu running nearby making it a gorgeous landscape outside. 

    Some of the most striking features of Aum Om Homestay are the traditional hot stone bath and the relishing Bhutanese meals that one can enjoy here. The place is one of the best places where you can enjoy the homely vibes and have an idyllic getaway by enjoying the tranquil ambience equipped with modern comforts.

    Location: Kempa, DopshariParo, 12005, Bhutan

    Activities & Facilities: Hot spring bath, parking, Wifi, airport shuttle etc.

    Price: INR 2000
  • 07Authentic Bhutanese Homestay

    Nestled in the midst of splendid natural landscapes of Paro, Authentic Bhutanese Homestay is a place that is a pure delight for nature lovers. One of the most perfect homestays in Paro when considering the outdoor views, this place is famous for enthralling with a glimpse of the glittering snow-clad mountains from the rooms. 

    With rooms that are well-appointed with all basic facilities, this place is a great pick for enjoying a nice holiday. The owners at Authentic Bhutanese Homestay are known for their warm hospitality and also help the guests with their car and bicycle rental services.

    Location: TshendonaTshendona, 00975 Paro, Bhutan

    Activities & Facilities: Bicycle rental service, Car rental service, Wifi, Restaurant, Airport Transportation, Family Rooms, Bar/Lounge, Spa

    Price: INR 3500
  • 08Aum Om Homestay

    Encompassed by a beautiful landscape of apple and peach orchards, Aum Om Homestay is one of the most favourite places in Paro where you can crash with your bags. The four bedroom homestay exudes traditional Bhutanese characteristics and also located quite close to Tiger’s Nest. 

    With cosy rooms and friendly hosts, one can always be assured of a splendid vacation in Paro. One of the most amazing features of staying at Aum Om Homestay is the mesmerising view of the river that flows nearby to the homestay and the mouth-watering food Bhutanese food that is served during the stay by the owners.

    Location: Aum Om Homestay, Bhutan

    Activities & Facilities: authentic home cooked Bhutanese food, hot-stone bath after Taktsang day hike, and free WiFi connection.

    Price: INR 2000
  • 09Paro Village View Homestay

    Located at a distance of just 8 minutes from the airport, this homestay is one of the most ideally located homestays in Paro. Known for its tranquil atmosphere and beautiful rooms, Paro Village View Homestay is a nice option for nature lovers. 

    The rooms are famous for offering a gorgeous view of the rice paddies and boast of Bhutanese charm. The place offers all the modern comforts and it is a delight for the guests to enjoy the company of the owners here. The serene homestay will make you feel at home during your vacation and help you enjoy a splendid stay in midst of spectacular surroundings.

    Location: Bondey-Haa Hwy, Paro, Bhutan

    Activities & Facilities: hot-stone bath, onsite parking, with a museum, park, restaurants

    Price: INR 1500

Sightseeing in Paro

Nature and wildlife in Paro



Kichu Lakhang

The Kichu Lhakhang temple is one of the most iconic Himalayan Buddhist temple in Bhutan and attracts a huge tourist footfall owing to how old and beautiful it is. The temple was built in the 659 AD but its grandeur is still very visible.

Highlights: Since Bhutan is famous for its temple, you can't miss out on the Kichu Lhakhang which is just a short drive from the city of Paro. There are various additional buildings and a highly noticeable golden roof all of which was made in the year 1839 by the Governor of city Paro. There are prayer wheels around the temple and you can try spinning around the temple to worship the idol.

Location: Lango Gewog, Paro, Bhutan.

Timings: No official timings given by the temple but ideal to visit during early morning or evening.

Pricing: Visiting the temple is completely free of cost for everyone.

Samtengang Winter Trek

Starting from Punakha, Samtengang Winter Trek is a short and considerably simple and easy trek to Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag with average altitude rising not more than 1900 meters. The climate is excellent and due to low altitude preserves warmer climate which is pleasant and soothing. The trekking trail is devoid of uncomfortable steeps and heights making the trail quite smooth for the amateur hikers.

The trail passes through rhododendron forest which is a delight to see especially in monsoon times. The region also posses dense vegetation with oak and maple trees and also the longest foot bridge of Bhutan. Villages like Sha and Chungsakha also falls on this trail. It is approximately 54 km in length.

: Sha viilage and lifestyle of Bhutanese people based there.

: 3 days trekking tour.

: Near Punakha, Bhutan

Best Season
: March - April, October to November. However due to low altitude it can be visited in winter too.


Paro is the first must see location in Bhutan. It is a beautiful and magnificent valley that is enveloped by lush green rice fields.

Highlights: Paro is a historic town of Bhutan. It has several historic buildings and sacred sites that are scattered all across the area. Along with the Punakha and Jakar, Paro forms a ‘golden triangle’ of the prominent destinations of Bhutan. Undisturbed scenic beauty, craggy mountain hills, peaceful atmosphere and clean air definitely make it a must visit place in Bhutan. One thing that attracts several visitors to Paro is the Rinpung Dzong which is one of the most striking examples of a typical monastery of Bhutan. Dzong is known to host the festival of masks which is locally known as the Paro Tsechu. Making a visit during this time can be fruitful. Apart from this, the National Museum of Paro is another must see attraction which attracts several visitors.

Location: Paro is a small town situated in the Paro District in the Paro Valley of Bhutan.

Timings: Open 24 hours.

Pricing: Entry is free.

Wangduephodrang Tshechu Festival

Wangduephodrang Tshechu is an annual festival introduced by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal after the Dzong was completed. As per history, the dzong which served as the administrative centre got constructed in 1639 by the disciplined effort of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal near Puna Tsang Chu. To celebrate this occasion, a 3 day festival was organized which is majorly attended by the natives of Thimphu and Punakha.

One of the most celebrated activities on this festival is Raksha Mangcham which is also named as the dance of the ox. Huge gathering assembles to see the beautiful act which concludes with the display of the Guru Tshengye Thongdrol where every onlooker fetch blessings and wash away their sins.

: sight of Guru Tshengye Thongdrol

Festival time
: In the month of June

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Gangtey Monastery

It is one of the largest Monastries in western Bhutan. Perched on top a hill and overlooking the stunning Phobjikha Valley, the Monastery of Gangteng Gompa was built in 1613 by Gyalse Pema Thinlay. He is considered the reincarnation of renowned Pema Lingpa. Villages of Hermits surround the Monastery.

The place is one of the main centers of Nyingmapa School where Buddhism is being taught. The history of the Monastery traces back to 17th century during the period of Pema Lingpa who was a treasure finder. Many of his prophecies are still alive at the monastery.

: Techu, a traditional Mask dance is hosted in the monastery during September and early October. It is worth to visit the place at the season and witness beautiful dance performances. Also, Phobjikha Valley is native to many Blacked neck cranes that migrate there during November to roost.

: Wangdue

Best Season
: September to November

If you are visiting Bhutan, Here are the b
eautiful places in Bhutan to unwrap the gift from nature

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