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  • Resorts in Pattaya encircles Sheraton Pattaya Resort, Siam Bayshore, Dusit Thani Pattaya, Hilton Pattaya, Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya and many more. Thailand is a popular destination where Pattaya attracted nine million visitors only in 2014. If you are a party lover, then Pattaya is the best place for you. Pattaya is also home to a growing number of cultural and action-packed attractions and international resorts. Resorts in Pattaya are known for their hospitality and beautiful ambiance.

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    Limited Offer: Yunomori Onsen And Spa (Cashback Upto INR 500)

    Sheraton Pattaya Resort is a luxurious five-star beach resort, which is set upon the headland, which further separates the southern end of Pattaya Bay and Jomtien Beach. Pattaya is a must visit a destination which will make you forget all the things. Hideaway and unwind in the hotel’s lush surrounds or venture forth to explore Pattaya’s exuberant shopping and nightlife scene.

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    This luxurious beach resort is located in the Gulf of Thailand. You can experience relaxation, rejuvenation, and recreation at this perfect picturesque beach resort. 

    Here are the best resorts in Pattaya:

  • 01Sheraton Pattaya Resort

    If you are looking for a luxurious five-star Pattaya beach resorts, Sheraton resort is the place where you need to come to. Constructed at a sprawling space, this resort contains a whopping 156 rooms that include two independent villas with their own swimming pools. All the rooms are decorated with brilliant Thai style interiors that steal your heart at first sight.

    Highlights – The resort offers a splendid view of the Gulf of Siam Beach.

    Location – 
    437 Phra Tamnak, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 20150.
    – Starts from INR 9076 per night
    from THB 4000 per night.

    Activities & Amenities – Private swimming pool, spa, 24/7 fitness centers for members, free airport transfers, free Wi-Fi, lush gardens, speed boat service to Ko La Island and shuttle services to the town.

    Distance from the main city – 2.8 km from the main town of Pattaya and just 9.4 km from the famous Sanctuary of Truth Temple.

    Food – All kinds of international cuisine, grilled cuisines, and tapas lounge.

  • 02Siam Bayshore

    This is a luxury beach resort Pattaya located in the Gulf of Thailand. The spacious resort contains rooms with massive balconies and great interiors. Since it overlooks the beach, this resort proves to be an excellent holiday destination for people coming in large groups.

    Highlights – Parking and breakfast are offered for free for guests at this resort. It is one of the easily accessible resorts in Pattaya.

    Location – 
    559 Beach Rd, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 

    – Starts from INR 5993
    Starts from THB 2643

    Activities & Amenities – Private garden, 24/7 Room service, sports court, spa, gyms, hot tubs, spacious playground, free Wi-Fi, minibars & balconies with amazing view of Gulf of Thailand.

    Distance from the main city – One of the easily accessible resorts as it is just 14 minutes away from Walking Street and 3 km away from the reputed Pattaya Park.

    Food – There are 4 restaurants, a garden café, and 3 cocktail lounges in Siam Bayshore, serving all kinds of local and international cuisines and beverages.

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  • 04Dusit Thani Pattaya

    This is a beautiful 5-star Pattaya beach resorts with an excellent view of two beaches in the Gulf of Thailand. Though it is situated in the midst of a busy shopping complex, Dusit Thani Pattaya, is an excellent holiday destination. It has 457 rooms and the décor and furnishings reflect the hotel’s modern sensibilities, with accents and features that are unmistakably Thai.

    Highlights: Panoramic view of the beaches, authentic Italian cuisine from Bay Italian restaurant.

    Location – 
    Beach Rd, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 

    Price – Starts from INR 5583
                 Starts from THB 

    Activities & Amenities – Free Wi-Fi, Tennis courts, Kids clubs, Free shuttle services to Bangkok and Pattaya, Devarana Spa, cooking & aerobic classes, Golf course, 24/7 room service, medical service, babysitting services, outdoor recreational activities, airport transfers, two swimming pools, and other retail counters.

    Distance from the main city – The resort can be reached within 1.5 hours from Bangkok. Elephant Village and Floating Market are at a distance of 6.4km and 9.7km respectively from here.

    Food – Of all the three restaurants here, Bay Italian is a must try.

  • 05Hilton Pattaya

    Filled with excellent interiors on all 34 floors, Hilton Pattaya is one of the most stylish Pattaya beach resorts. The bar of this hotel is very famous which makes it the most popular night resorts in Pattaya.

    Highlights – Located just above Central Festival Pattaya Beach, which is the largest shopping complex in South East Asia. Set on a sprawling area of 17400sq.feet, Hilton Pattaya provides an excellent view of the Pattaya Bay and the ocean nearby. There is also a rooftop Infinity Edge Swimming pool here.

    Location – 
    333/101 Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20260

    Price – Starts from INR 14,068
    Starts from THB 6203

    Activities & Amenities
    – Free Wi-Fi, rooftop pool, 24/7 gym, excellent spa, babysitting services, conference facilities, kids’ play area, access to private pools etc.

    Distance from the main city – Just 1km away from Walking Street (red-light area) and about 90 min away from Swarnabhumi International Airport.

    Food – There are 5 restaurants with bar facilities in this resort.

  • 06Centara Grand Mirage Beach Resort

    This is a huge palatial resort, whose interiors will blow your minds away. This five-star luxury beach resort in Pattaya gives a stupendous view of the Gulf of Thailand and provides great entertainment and excitement to guests of all age groups who come here in large numbers during holiday seasons.

    Highlights – Hourly shuttle service to Central Festival Pattaya Shopping Complex provided by the resort.

    Location – 
    277, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 20150

    Price – Starts from INR 11098
    Starts from THB 4894

    Activities & Amenities
    – Free Wi-Fi, 24/7 gym services, Kids’ play area, water sports, indoor and outdoor recreational activities, private Jacuzzis, facilities for business meetings and a bar by the poo.

    Distance from the main city – 90min drive from Thailand’s international airport of Swarnabhumi, just 3km, 4km, and 11km respectively from Sanctuary of Truth temple, Mini Siam amusement park, and Jomtien Beach respectively.

    Food – 6 restaurants in total serving a great deal of Asian, Thai & international cuisine.

  • 07Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya

    If you are looking for a resort which is quite close to the beach and one where lots of rock music concerts happen, you have to visit Hard Rock Hotel Pattaya where you will get a glimpse of Pattaya nightlife. The resort looks absolutely lively and positive with its youthful ambiance, loud music, stylish interiors, and never-say-die attitude.

    Highlights – There are 323 rooms and suites here, providing an excellent view of the sea. Do not miss the Kids’ Rock Club, Tabu Club, Rock Spa, and Rock Shops when you come here.

    Location – Pattaya Beach Road.

    Price – Minimum of THB2800.

    Activities & Amenities
    – Free Wi-Fi, ocean facing rooms and suites, kids’ club and play area, fitness center, bar by the pool, artificial swimming pool, spa with authentic Thai massages and outdoor swimming pool.

    Distance from main city – Pattaya Beach can be reached by just a 3-minute walk from the resort.

    Food – American & Italian restaurants playing scintillating rock music all through the day.

  • 08Cape Dara Resort

    Located in North Pattaya, Cape Dara Resort is a 5-star beach resort that stands tall on 26 floors. It is located right in the midst of the busy shopping area of Pattaya.

    Highlights – There are 264 rooms, villas and suites here, that provide a panoramic view of the beach and look into the open sky. This is the only resort in North Pattaya that has rooms facing all directions of the beach.

    Location – Pattaya – Naklua Road.

    Price – Tariff ranges from INR 8,800 to 12,000
                 THB 3900 to THB 5300 per night.

    Activities & Amenities
    – Private beach, swimming pool, 24/7gym & fitness centres, 7 business venues, kids’ play area and spa with relaxing massages, Free Wi-Fi, baby-sitting services, airport transfers, staff who are experts with various foreign languages, gift shops and rental bicycles.

    Distance from the main city – Located at just about 90-minute drive from Swarnabhumi airport.

    Food – There are totally 6 restaurants and bars in this resort.

  • 09Pattaya Marriott Resorts and spa

    Image Credit :
    This is one of the luxurious upmarket Pattaya beach resorts and provides a great view of the Gulf of Thailand. The lush and sprawling green farmlands in which this resort is situated takes you to a completely different world.

    Highlights – Strategically located with a wide variety of shopping malls and golf courses in close vicinity. The resort provides total privacy to guests coming here.

    Location – Pattaya Beach Road

    Price – Start from INR 9,700
    Start from THB 4278

    Activities & Amenities
    – Free Wi-Fi, 24/7 room service, 24/7 gym & fitness center, private swimming pool, private beaches, spas offering world-famous massages, tennis court, free airport transfers, and excellent hospitality.

    Distance from the main city – Located at just about 5-minute walk from the famous Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum and around 10-minute walk from the bars of Walking Street.

    Food – One restaurant and 2 bars serving all kinds of cuisine.

  • 10Rabbit Resort Pattaya

    Far from the exuberant luxury that is symbolic of all beach resorts in Pattaya, the Rabbit Resort stands simple & elegant overlooking Dongtan Beach – probably the best beach in Pattaya. If you are looking for some personalized services from a family owned group, this beach resort in Pattaya is the place to come.

    Highlights – The only Thai Beach house kind of accommodation that is in existence now. All beach houses are unique from each other here. There are two separate swimming pools for families & adults.

    Location – Banglamung, near Soi Dongtan Police Station.

    – Starts from INR 5467
    Starts from THB 2410 

    Activities & Amenities – Personalised service, Uninterrupted access to swimming pool & beach, a unique variety of cottage rooms, forest rooms, villas, and antique rooms.

    Distance from the main city – Located at just about 20 minutes from Walking Street and 90 minutes from the airport.

    Food – Grill House restaurant serves all cuisines.

  • 11Citin Garden Resort Pattaya by Compass Hospitality

    If you are looking for extremely superior facilities at reasonable rates, Citin Garden Resort is the place where you need to come to. This is a 3-star hotel located right in the heart of Pattaya, in close vicinity to some of the major destinations.

    Highlights – All 70 rooms of the resort are extremely spacious and are complete with intricate woodwork and awesome Thai style motif patterns in them.

    Location – South Pattaya Road.

    Price – In the range of THB860 to THB1300.

    Activities & Amenities
    – Free Wi-Fi, outdoor swimming pool, free airport transfers, 24/7 room service, state of art technology for business purposes, spa offering Thai massages, access to tropical gardens and excellent hospitality.

    Distance from main city – Situated just about 3km from the famous Pattaya Beach and in close proximity to well-known tourist sites.

    Food – All kinds of Indian, Asian, Thai and international cuisines are served here.

  • 12Ocean Marina Yacht Club

    Nestled within the extravagance of natural beauty, Ocean Marina Yacht Club is a luxury resort, situated on the Jomtien Beach in Pattaya. With an excellent view of the sea, this resort is the epitome of tranquillity and its strategic location works strongly in its favour.

    Highlights – This resort is widely regarded as one of the best marina yacht clubs of South Asia. The resort has 51, well-furnished rooms in the shape of cruise rooms. Water- sports is a must here.

    Location –Sukhumvit Highway.

    – Approximately in the range of THB2300 to THB3750.

    Activities & Amenities – Range of water sports activities, tennis courts, sailing classes for people of all age groups, free Wi-Fi, spas, indoor swimming pool, and saunas.

    Distance from main city – 5km and 2km from Pattaya Floating Market and Huai Khwang railway station respectively.

    Food – Oriental, Western, local delicacies and other international cuisines are available here.

  • 13Holiday Inn Pataya

    This is one of the best resorts in Pattaya and gives an excellent view of the beach which is covered by a canopy of palm trees.

    Highlights – All 567 rooms of this resort have private balconies. No charge applicable for kids under 17 years of age.

    Location – 463/99 Thanon Pattaya Sai 1, Pattaya City, Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri 

    Price – 
    Starts from INR 7911
                 Starts from THB 3490

    Activities & Amenities
    – 24/7 Room service, spas where you can rejuvenate yourself, kids’ club and play area, outdoor swimming pool, floor-to-ceiling windows in all rooms, access to fitness center and all facilities required for business meetings.

    Distance from the main city – 90 min drive from Suvarnabhumi International Airport, 3km from the vibrant nightlight of Walking Street and 2km from the famous Ripley’s Believe it or Not Museum.

    Food – Five restaurants and two bars serving all kinds of Thai and international cuisine, including Cuban.

  • 14Amari Garden Pattaya

    Located in the midst of green & lush tropical gardens, Amari Garden Pattya is a 4-star luxury beach resort in North Pattaya, with an incredible view of the Pattaya beach nearby. All 226 guest rooms are constructed with excellent interiors and with a touch of personal element, to bring ultimate relief and comfort for guests.

    Highlights – Bestowed with the “Certificate of Excellence” Award for 2015.

    Location – Pattaya - Naklua Road.

    – Tariff starts from THB2200.

    Activities & Amenities – Free Wi-Fi, Kids Cave, Teen Town, Meeting room facilities, sports bar, open-air café, 24/7 access to gym & spa, outdoor swimming pool and Kids’ play room.

    Distance from main city – 2 minute-walk from Pattaya Beach, 125km from International airport, Swarnabhumi, 10-minute walk from the famous museum of Art in Paradise, 3km from Walking Street, 1.9km from bus terminal of Pattaya.

    Food – Pan-Asian restaurant, open-air café and sports bar serving all kinds of cuisine.

  • 15The Bayview Hotel

    This is one of the five-star beach resorts in Pattaya is a perfect site for honeymoon couples who are looking for a relaxing experience on their vacations. Offering a remarkable view of the Pattaya Bay, this resort has 260 rooms that are nothing but luxury redefined.

    Highlights – While the resort itself looks like a separate oasis, far from the maddening crowd of Pattaya, when you step outside, you will be thrilled to find all the tourist sites nearby.

    Location – 
    Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri

    – Starts from INR 6,215
    Starts from THB 2740

    Activities & Amenities – Free Wi-Fi, a couple of outdoor swimming pools, sundeck, pool bar, sports bar, café, massage pavilion, fitness centers, a couple of tennis courts and kids’ play areas.

    Distance from the main city – less than 90 min drive from Swarnabhumi International airport, 10km away from the famous Floating Market of Pattaya and right next to Central Festival Shopping Mall.

    Food – Indoor and outdoor dining options available with various local and international dishes in store.

  • 16Courtyard South Pattaya

    This is yet another amazing beach resort from the famous Marriot Group in the South Pattaya Area. The design of this resort is sophisticated, yet simple. Oozing with elegance all around, the resort has spacious rooms and is situated in a central place that can be accessed easily.

    Highlights – Almost all the rooms of the resort provide a great view of the hotel’s private pool. Those that don’t, give you an enviable view of the Pattaya city.

    Location – Pratamnak Hill, South Pattaya Road.

    Price– Tariff starts from around THB1800.

    Activities & Amenities – Free Wi-Fi, 24/7 room service, grocery shopping services, outdoor swimming pool, fitness centers, meeting room facilities, free airport transfers, and kids’ pool.

    Distance from main city – 7km from the train station of Pattaya, 8 km from amusement park of Mini Siam and 11-minute walk from Walking Street.

    Food – Momo Café and Momo Bar serving all kinds of international dishes and beverages.

  • 17A-One the royal cruise hotel

    Located in North Pattaya, this 4-star resort provides a panoramic view of the North Pattaya Beach promenade like no other.

    Highlights – All the rooms and the hotel itself are exclusively designed in the shape of a cruise and you get the feel of sailing on the ocean, all the time that you are here.

    Location – North Pattaya Beach Road.

    – Tariff starts from a minimum of THB2900.

    Activities & Amenities – 24/7 Free Wi-Fi, Access to gyms, free bus shuttle services, and airport transfers, complimentary fruit plate on arrival, flexible check-in and check-out timings, Karaoke, outdoor swimming pool, play area for kids, spas offering relaxing Thai massages and conference rooms that can house up to 700 guests.

    Distance from the main city – within a 5-minute walk to all the main shopping complexes.

    Food - Excellent seafood barbeque and international cuisine are a must-try at the restaurants here.

  • 18Ibis Pattaya

    In the midst of 5-star luxury beach resorts all around, Ibis Pattaya, with its excellent features and reasonable rates, proves to be a welcome relief for budget travelers.

    Highlights – There are totally 254 rooms in this resort, with 3 rooms that are specifically designed for differently abled. There are 3 connecting rooms and 10 family rooms in this hotel.

    Location – Banglamung.

    Price – Tariff per night starts from THB1200.

    Activities & Amenities – Free Wi-Fi, outdoor swimming pool, free parking facilities, wheelchair facilities, permission to take pets, 18-hole golf courses, business centre facilities, free airport transfers and 24/7 room service.

    Distance from the main city – 0.5km from Pattaya Beach and 3km away from the busy night light of Walking Street.

    Food- Terrace Restaurant that serves all kinds of cuisine and 24/7 bar for guests.

  • 19Hotel Vista Pattaya

    This is one of the best luxury boutique beach resorts in Pattaya. The rooms are elegantly designed with a perfect blend of excellent Thai hospitality and modern technology.

    Highlights – The hotel introduces guests to vivacious night party life that you just cannot afford to miss.

    Location – Soi 4, North Pattaya and Pattaya Beach Road.

    Price – Tariff per night is in the range of THB1560 – THB2000.

    Activities & Amenities – 24/7 Free Wi-Fi, 24/7 room service, welcome drink on arrival, 24/7 access to fitness centre, free shuttle services & airport transfers, conference room facilities that can accommodate up to 150 people and access to swimming pool.

    Distance from the main city – One can reach Pattaya Beach within a 3-minute walk, 90 minutes from Swarnabhumi airport and 10 minutes away from the main bus terminal on eastern side.

    Food – Patio Bar & Restaurant, Café Du Prom and Pedro Gastrobar are 3 options that provide you great choices of local and international food and beverages.

  • 20Royal Wing Suites & Spa

    This is one of the most opulent luxury Pattaya beach resorts. This architectural marvel is situated on top of a mountain and provides guests with a wonderful view of the Eastern Seaboard. All the rooms of the hotel have great interiors made from the finest teak and are decorated with golden Thai style motif designs.

    Highlights – Winner of 2016 Travellers’ Choice Award. Guests are given access to a private beach of this resort.

    Location – 
    353 Phra Tamnak, Muang Pattaya, Amphoe Bang Lamung, Chang Wat Chon Buri 

    Price – Starts from INR 17499
    Starts from THB 7717

    Activities & Amenities
    – Free Wi-Fi, spa with authentic Thai massages, fitness centers, cooking school & classes, open-air cinema theatre, club room for teens and kids, salons & shopping areas, in-house bakery, seven swimming pools, and 24/7 room service.

    Distance from the main city – 3km from Walking Street & 7km from Jomtien Beach.

    Food – There are 3 restaurants in this resort serving authentic Thai and international cuisines.

Sightseeing in Pattaya

Attractions in Pattaya



Sanctuary of Truth (Prasat Sut Ja-Tum)

The Sanctuary of Truth is an amazing wooden building right on the beach in the Northern part of Pattaya. The building has been under construction now for more than 20 years, and it might take another 15 years before it is finished. The Sanctuary of Truth is completely made out of wood, and all the delicate carvings are done by hand. Each of the four corners has a tower with figures from Thai, Cambodian, Indian and Chinese beliefs and legends.

: Visiting the Sanctuary you will join a tour group with an English speaking tour guide, who will be able to explain the concepts and ideas behind the building. Pass by the workshop and you can see a huge number of craftsmen working on the ornate sculptures, all of them hand-carved from wood.

Location: Naklua Road, Pattaya

Timings: Opens every day from 8:00 AM - 5:00 PM

Price: INR 830
           Baht 365


Underwater World Pattaya

One of the most beautiful attractions and tourist destinations of Pattaya is the Underwater World. It is Thailand’s first modern aquarium where the visitors can behold the brilliance of the undersea life. The Underwater World is a 100-meter long underwater tunnel, showcasing around 500 species of fishes. Visitors can either dive with the sharks & rays with the experienced divers or they can indulge in feeding the Kois with a milk bottle in the Koi pond.

Highlights: The Underwater World also plays a prominent role in marine conservation. Hence, to educate the common people about the same, frequent school visits and education programs are being developed by the Underwater World. 

: INR 590
           Baht 260


Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya Crocodile Farm

The Million Years Stone Park and Crocodile Farm have been designed to attract tourists with bonsai-type trees, fossilized trees, colorful flowers, stones, water, and so on. The crocodile show is performed several times a day in order to respond to the need of visitors coming to the farm at different times. Although its name indicates only crocodile farm, there is also other animals present inside the farm. Along the pavement, visitors can see the amazing form of giant stones, plenty of flowers, and dwarf trees.

Location:  Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Thailand.

: The major attraction of this destination is obviously the crocodile show where the staff wrestles and play with the crocodiles. The park also features a restraint and the adventurous can try a few crocodile delicacies that the restaurant is famous for.

: Opens from 8:30 AM  -6:30 PM

Price: INR 685 
          300 Baht


Amazon Fishing Park

Amazon Fishing Park is one of the finest sports fishing parks in the city. Amazon has lakes stocked with some of the biggest and most elusive fish; you would pay a premium to have this kind of experience in the wild. Fish including Alligator Gar Fish, Great White Sheatfish and Red-tail Mystus are all pulled out of the waters on a daily basis and offer a real challenge for even the most experienced angler.

Location: Bang Lamung District, Chon Buri, Pattaya

Highlights: The facilities are quite basic with nothing fancy but the staff at Amazon do all they can to make your day beautifully comfortable, from setting up your line to bringing you food and refreshments, you literally don’t have to lift a finger.

: Opens from 8:00-20:00

Price: INR 10,270
          4,500 Baht for adults


Chang Siam Park

It is must visit Chang Siam Park, located at the center of the forest, in Pattaya to observe and interact with elephants in their natural habitat. If you are fascinated by the charming elephants and want to have an authentic experience among them, you will get this opportunity at Chang Siam.  

Interact closely with elephants, learn to feed them and give them a bath and ride them. Here, you will not be a tourist taking a ride on an elephant, but you will be as a friend, learning to understand, interrelate and communicate with the elephants and experience the harmony between human, wildlife, and nature. You can also visit the adjoining zoo or take a hike through the forest to enjoy the waterfall.

The Chang Siam Elephant Park is located just 20 minutes drive from Central Pattaya.

Price: One-day training and trekking price for one person is INR 4,110
           1,800 Baht.

Anek Kuson Sala

Anek Kuson Sala also known as Viharn Sien is an enticing Chinese temple turned museum with an exclusive collection of Chinese artifacts. Here you will find some of the unique artifacts including terracotta figures of Buddha followers, arhats and other terracotta figurines of horses, sepulchers, chariots, and soldiers. It also has umpteen numbers of paintings, sculptures and earthenware, and bronze ware.

There are many figurines of Chinese gods and a jade statue of Guanyin. Besides the famous artifacts, the structure is also admired for its beautiful architecture. The museum is located in the Wat Yansangwararam Temple complex, next to a splendid lake. Upon entering, you will see two stone Peking lions and other Chinese mythological figures.

: 20 kilometers away from Pattaya City, the museum sits on the beautiful Wat Yansangwararam Temple complex next to the lake.

Timing: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM

Price: Admission ticket is INR 110
          50 Baht per person.


Pattaya Night Bazaar

Visit the Pattaya Night Bazaar to have a pleasurable shopping experience. Unlike the outdoor markets which become too crowded and hot during the day, Pattaya Night Bazaar offers you the opportunity to shop in the relaxing covered and air-conditioned structure.

It is a perfect place to buy souvenirs of your journey or to shop for trendy summer outfits. There are a number of shops inside which sells assortment of items that you can buy as souvenirs like Thai Crafts, furniture and more. If you are looking for summer wares, you can get a lot of them at a very reasonable price.

Whether it is jeans, t-shirts, shorts, tops, hats or scarves, you will find everything here. Pattaya Night Bazaar also sells a number of accessories like scented soaps, shoes and also bags and luggage. It is also known as Made in Thailand Market.

Location: Pattaya Second Road, South Pattaya

Stroll the Streets of Pattaya

Walking Street is a red light district in the city of Pattaya, Thailand. It is a tourist attraction that draws foreigners and Thai nationals, primarily for the nightlife. The area includes seafood restaurants, live music venues, beer bars, discothèques, sports bars, go-go bars, and nightclubs.

Walking Street is a carnival of shopping, eating and exhilarating nightlife that can't be beaten. From 7 pm to midnight and someTimingss till 2 am it is closed for any vehicles so you can safely walk and enjoy it.

Highlights: There are a few places that can’t be missed while visiting Walking Street; Club Insomnia, FLB, GoodFellas, AngelWitch are few among many. 


Horizon Bar, Hilton

True to its brand name, Hilton Group’s Horizon Bar is luxury and elegance personified. Situated on the 34th floor, this bar provides an excellent view of Pattaya city, especially when visited after sunset. The place tends to get too crowded during weekends; hence it is better to book your seats in advance.

Take your cameras along with you, as you can capture some exciting images of the Pattaya city line during the night hours from this bar.

Highlights –There are 3 private dining rooms in this bar and guests can choose one of them for a superior quality experience. During sunset hours, there are promotional offers where you get one cocktail free when you buy one. Ginger Vodka is a must try here.

– Just around 1km from Walking Street.

Price – Quite steep; you might need to shell out around INR 910
             THB400 per bottle of wine.


Mixx Discotheque

Mixx Discotheque is easily one of the best nightclubs in Pattaya when it comes to interiors and design. This place, which has been one of the hot favorites of party animals in Pattaya for a long time now, has two clubs, in which guests can sit and enjoy their drinks along with the scintillating dance performances of the Russian beauties, Thai women and well-known DJs. Rouge Club and Cyrstal Palace are the two clubs of this place.

Highlights – This joint is preferred by Russian tourists mainly because most of the girls who perform here are from Russia. Due to its high maintenance, the club charges its guests more than what its contemporaries charge; however it is worth every dime, as services are of top class here.

– Walking Street.

Price – Around INR 340 to INR 460 per beer, but you get two beers when you buy one anytime until 1 AM, which is exactly when the club starts getting a large number of visitors.

            THB 150 to THB 200 per beer,

Planet Earth Beach Club

This is one of Thailand’s best open-air pool clubs. There are parties almost every single day with different themes. The entire club is situated around a big swimming pool which is constructed in a shady area.

Highlights – There are different sized beds available in the pool which you can get on a first come-first serve basis free of cost; however you can pay for the same and pre-book it if you need to book beds for a group. You can relax by the pool and have drinks along with your friends and family when you come here. Do not miss to enjoy the pool under LED lights.

– Off Jomtien Beach Road on Soi 15.

Timings – The bar is open from 11 AM to 11 PM.

Price – Entry fee into the pool club is INR 450 per person, which includes a complimentary drink as well. Minimum of INR 3,420 for advance booking of small beds for 4 people.
             Baht 200 per person and Minimum of Baht 1500 for advance booking of small beds for 4 people.


Siam@Siam Design Hotel Pattaya

Bars are what define the nightlife of Pattaya. All the upmarket hotels in and around Pattaya have well-furnished bars that have state of the art technology in them. Siam@Siam Design Hotel is one of them. The bars at this high scale resort contain unique features and facilities, which blow your minds away.

Oozing with luxury all around, this hotel is perfect when you want to celebrate any important event in your life.

- This is the first wet bar in Thailand. The Roof-Top Sky Bar located on 24th and 25th floors is a must try in this resort. As you sip exotic champagnes, beers and other varieties of cocktails, you get to enjoy a panoramic view of Pattaya right beneath you. There is a theatre at this bar which airs classic English movies. Don’t miss to enjoy cocktails by the swimming pool when you are here.

Location – Tambon Nong Prue, at about 4min from the Art in Paradise Museum.


Soi Buakhao

If you want to run away from the madness of Walking Street but don’t want to lose out on your share of fun during the nights in Pattaya, come to Soi Buakhao, the quieter sister of Walking Street. Though the place is not as busy or buzzing with bars and pubs like Walking Street, Soi Buakhao has its own share of nightclubs that offer guests full value for money.

Highlights - Since it is located in close proximity to most of the tourist sites in Pattaya, Soi Buakhao is an instant hit among foreign tourists. There are lots of hotels here offering cheap yet quality accommodation and other services to guests who are looking for affordable options.

– Totally about 1.5km in length, this area is located between Central Pattaya & South Pattaya Roads.

Price – At certain clubs in this area, a beer costs just around INR 70
             THB 30.


Candy Shop

If you are looking for a club that has one of the best music bars in Walking Street Pattaya, Candy Shop is the place to be. The live bands that play excellent music here attract lots of people – both local and foreign. These internationally popular bands perform some of the best hip hop & RnB numbers that mesmerize the young and energetic guests at the bar.

The ambiance is great, music is soothing, customer service is excellent and overall experience is enjoyable at this club.

Highlights – This is the only open-air club on Walking Street. It has got a beautiful patio area, where you can sit and enjoy your drinks as you watch the crowds buzzing by Walking Street. Try out their excellent varieties of cocktails as well.

– Only open bar, so it is unique and easily accessible on Walking Street.

Price – Around INR 170
            THB 70 for a beer.


Marine Disco

Marine Disco is the biggest and oldest (been around for 30 years) nightclubs in Pattaya and Walking Street area. The club is located on the first floor of Dollhouse bar and guests can get into the club through an escalator that is located right at the main entrance.

Highlights - The pub is so huge that there are 7 pool tables here that occupy around 33% of the club area. One can find a huge stage where a live music band plays almost twice a week, during weekends. On other days, this stage is used as a big dance floor for guests to showcase their dancing skills. Foreign tourists are the main clients of Marine Disco. You can find a lot of freelancer girls working in this bar, with whom you can make gentle advances, based on your requirements.

– Right in the center of the Walking Street, it is hard to miss this place.

Price – Around INR 230
             THB100 for a beer.


Khao Chi Chan (“Buddha Mountain”)

Buddha Mountain is arguably the most splendid religious symbol in Pattaya. The image of Buddha sitting cross-legged, with one hand resting on his knee and the other in his lap, is engraved into the northern face of Khao Chi Chan.

The surrounding area is steeped with natural beauty, while Khao Chi Chan is its most prominent landmark and attraction; other facilities have sprung up around it to take advantage of the high level of passing trade in the form of Thai and foreign visitors to this remarkable place

Highlights: The grounds in front of Buddha Mountain include a temple, with saffron-robed monks a common sight, so appropriate clothing is recommended (clothing that covers shoulders and legs above the knee). Beyond this, there are no fees or restrictions on entering the grounds and getting up close to the awe-inspiring image.

Location: Na Jomtien

Timings: 08:00 – 17:00

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