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  • Things to Do in Paro includes trek to Tiger’s Nest, drive to Chele La pass, meditate in monasteries, observe ancient artefacts at National museum, shop at Paro Craft Market, enjoy rafting in Paro Chhu River and many many more. Paro is a graceful city in Bhutan which offers its travelers amazing views, deep greenery, clear blue waters along with the opportunities of multiple fun-filled activities.You can book 9 Days Sightseeing Tour of Bhutan (Flat 9% OFF)

    Land in the city and bring out the best of your positivity to the forefront while getting mesmerized at various locations like Kyichu Lhakhang, Valleys of Bhutan, Tachog Lhakhang while enjoying delicious cuisines like momos, Jasha Maroo etc. in city streets.You can Explore The Real Beauty of Bhutan Tour.

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    Here is the list of best activities to do in Paro:

  • 01Take a Trek to Tiger’s Nest

    Paro Taktsang or Tiger’s nest is one of the most prominent Buddhist monastery in Bhutan which is located on the cliffside, surrounded by greenery and valley depth.

    About the activity:
    Tie the shoelaces and trek on steep to moderate path for next 1.5 to 2 hours to reach to the top. One can start enjoying a spectacular view even from the halfway and at the top, the surroundings are breathtaking. 

    Click some of the most beautiful pictures here and enjoy the pleasant weather here. After getting in, the spiritual side of yours will definitely hit the minds and this trek is definitely one of the best things to do in Paro.

    Location: Taktsang trail, Bhutan (16 km from Paro)

    Timings: 8.00 AM to 1:00 PM AND 2.00 PM to 6:00 PM

    Entry fee- Rs 500 per adult

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  • 03Do meditation at the Monasteries

    Meditation is the highest form of action to attain relaxed mind and happy heart and Paro will help anyone to achieve the highest level of solace.

    About the activity: Paro is studded with small to large monasteries all over the city where many offers retreat centers along with them to learn and perform meditation. 

    One can choose a teacher for the activity or perform self in the natural surroundings. Going back to own home with peaceful mind will bring happiness to the family or professional life for sure.

    Location: You can choose popular monasteries like Taktshang, Rinpung Dzong or many others based on own choice.

  • 04Visit National Museum of Bhutan

    Built in 1968, the museum is situated in ancient Ta-dzong building and is under the command of His majesty of Bhutan.

    About the activity: Visit the museum and observe some of the best art of Bhutan along with masterpieces like bronze statues and old, beautiful paintings. The galleries are studded with some of the finest art specimens in which a few are drawn on scientific lines.

    The rich creations could immerse you well in past to modern era while attracting many travelers from all across the world.

    Location: 3 km from the city center

    Timings: 9.00 AM to 5:00 PM

    Entry fee: Rs 25 for SAARC countries and Rs 150 for non-SAARC countries

  • 05Enjoy Delicious Local Cuisines

    No wonder, traveling to a city can never be complete without tasting its local cuisines. And when one is at Paro, he has many new dishes that shares cultural combination of local zones.

    About the activity: Walk in the local streets and then you must taste local street food like Ema Datshi (Stew mixed with cheese and chillies), Jasha Maroo (spicy chicken), Phaksha Paa(pork with red-chillies), momos and red-rice.

    These dishes will totally give anyone a gist of local culture while giving them the best of Bhutanese dish at a quick.

  • 06Do Shopping at Paro Craft Market

    Shop in the craft market and take back home the best of the articles like handicrafts, colorful beaded chains, bangles, clothes, boots and woven articles. To our surprise, the market is busiest between 6.30 to 10 in the morning.

    About the activity: Enjoy shopping at more than 80 stalls in the city streets. Buy some of the best paintings, wood carvings, sculptures, gold and silver ornaments etc.

    Genuine Bhutanese handicrafts and textiles are available for sale here and not to be missed if one is in Paro.

    Location: In the city center

  • 07Visit the Ruins of the Drukgyel Dzong

    The former monastery and fortress is standing in the hills, surrounded by lush green area and huge mountains at the backdrop.

    It was built to commemorate victory over Tibet in old times but destroyed by fire in 1950s. It is now under renovation and visiting the interiors will be off-limit.

    About the activity: Visit the site, hike a little and get mesmerized with the beauty of the ancient built-ups.

    Click some most amazing pictures which will remind you of glory of Bhutan and embrace the architecture which was designed so well that still remains intact.

    Location: 15 km from Paro

  • 08Trekking to the Snowman Trek

    The trek begins from Paro and leads one to highest peaks of Himalayas. This trek is one of the most difficult things to do in Paro and trekkers have to cross 4 different passes to reach to the top.

    About the activity: Brace yourself up and get acclimatized before hiking to the top. The path is quite tough as you cross through deep snowline and rocky trails.

    Bring your best shoes and equipments to reach to the top and get amazing views of Himalayas and deep valleys around it. The trek will be long for around 27-28 days so plan your days and trek to the most possible points.

    Best time to visit: September to October

  • 09Get Mesmerized by the beauty of Kyichu Lhakhang

    Kyichu Lhakhang is a beautiful Buddhist temple, situated in Paro district. Built in 7th century, the temple is loaded with cultural additions like murals, statues and intimate atmosphere. The stupa, prayer wheels, beautiful landscape offers peaceful experience to the visitors.

    About the activity: Get yourself dive in the calm environment and meditate in the proximity of beauty of temple and mountains around. Learn the rich history of temple by visiting all the complexes and decode the treasure of orange trees present behind the temple.

    Location: 5 km from Paro

    Timings: 9.00 AM to 1:00 PM AND 2.00 PM to 5:00 PM

    Entry fee: Rs 300 for main complex entry

  • 10Take a Drive to Chele la Pass

    Chele La is the highest road pass in the country and located at a height of 13000 feet.

    About the activity: An excursion of around 2-2.30 hours will drive you through dense spruce and larch forests. Observe old roadside rock paintings, meditate in the nearby locations like Kilanunnery on the way and take a deep breath on the top covered with clouds and mountain ranges around. We are sure you won’t regret being here as visiting here is one of the best things to do in Paro.

    Click some of the cool pictures here and flaunt out your excursion trip.

    Location: 37 km from Paro

    Best time to visit: September to October

Adventure in Paro

Trekking in Paro

Nature and wildlife in Paro



Kichu Lakhang

The Kichu Lhakhang temple is one of the most iconic Himalayan Buddhist temple in Bhutan and attracts a huge tourist footfall owing to how old and beautiful it is. The temple was built in the 659 AD but its grandeur is still very visible.

Highlights: Since Bhutan is famous for its temple, you can't miss out on the Kichu Lhakhang which is just a short drive from the city of Paro. There are various additional buildings and a highly noticeable golden roof all of which was made in the year 1839 by the Governor of city Paro. There are prayer wheels around the temple and you can try spinning around the temple to worship the idol.

Location: Lango Gewog, Paro, Bhutan.

Timings: No official timings given by the temple but ideal to visit during early morning or evening.

Pricing: Visiting the temple is completely free of cost for everyone.

Samtengang Winter Trek

Starting from Punakha, Samtengang Winter Trek is a short and considerably simple and easy trek to Wangduephodrang Dzongkhag with average altitude rising not more than 1900 meters. The climate is excellent and due to low altitude preserves warmer climate which is pleasant and soothing. The trekking trail is devoid of uncomfortable steeps and heights making the trail quite smooth for the amateur hikers.

The trail passes through rhododendron forest which is a delight to see especially in monsoon times. The region also posses dense vegetation with oak and maple trees and also the longest foot bridge of Bhutan. Villages like Sha and Chungsakha also falls on this trail. It is approximately 54 km in length.

: Sha viilage and lifestyle of Bhutanese people based there.

: 3 days trekking tour.

: Near Punakha, Bhutan

Best Season
: March - April, October to November. However due to low altitude it can be visited in winter too.


Paro is the first must see location in Bhutan. It is a beautiful and magnificent valley that is enveloped by lush green rice fields.

Highlights: Paro is a historic town of Bhutan. It has several historic buildings and sacred sites that are scattered all across the area. Along with the Punakha and Jakar, Paro forms a ‘golden triangle’ of the prominent destinations of Bhutan. Undisturbed scenic beauty, craggy mountain hills, peaceful atmosphere and clean air definitely make it a must visit place in Bhutan. One thing that attracts several visitors to Paro is the Rinpung Dzong which is one of the most striking examples of a typical monastery of Bhutan. Dzong is known to host the festival of masks which is locally known as the Paro Tsechu. Making a visit during this time can be fruitful. Apart from this, the National Museum of Paro is another must see attraction which attracts several visitors.

Location: Paro is a small town situated in the Paro District in the Paro Valley of Bhutan.

Timings: Open 24 hours.

Pricing: Entry is free.

Wangduephodrang Tshechu Festival

Wangduephodrang Tshechu is an annual festival introduced by Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal after the Dzong was completed. As per history, the dzong which served as the administrative centre got constructed in 1639 by the disciplined effort of Zhabdrung Ngawang Namgyal near Puna Tsang Chu. To celebrate this occasion, a 3 day festival was organized which is majorly attended by the natives of Thimphu and Punakha.

One of the most celebrated activities on this festival is Raksha Mangcham which is also named as the dance of the ox. Huge gathering assembles to see the beautiful act which concludes with the display of the Guru Tshengye Thongdrol where every onlooker fetch blessings and wash away their sins.

: sight of Guru Tshengye Thongdrol

Festival time
: In the month of June

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Gangtey Monastery

It is one of the largest Monastries in western Bhutan. Perched on top a hill and overlooking the stunning Phobjikha Valley, the Monastery of Gangteng Gompa was built in 1613 by Gyalse Pema Thinlay. He is considered the reincarnation of renowned Pema Lingpa. Villages of Hermits surround the Monastery.

The place is one of the main centers of Nyingmapa School where Buddhism is being taught. The history of the Monastery traces back to 17th century during the period of Pema Lingpa who was a treasure finder. Many of his prophecies are still alive at the monastery.

: Techu, a traditional Mask dance is hosted in the monastery during September and early October. It is worth to visit the place at the season and witness beautiful dance performances. Also, Phobjikha Valley is native to many Blacked neck cranes that migrate there during November to roost.

: Wangdue

Best Season
: September to November

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